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Decent series to watch


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Lets get a list of some decent series going in here. I'm sure for most, there is more on TV these days than you can ever watch, but always good to have the opinions of what others find good series to watch. Im going to try and link mine with other things so that people get an idea of what other things I like to watch. That way, it may give you an idea if you would like them yourself.


Killing Eve


Sandra Oh and Jodie Comar


Crime drama about a woman who assassinates people for money, and is a complete Psychopath, along with the woman who is trying to catch her. If you have seen Greys Anatomy, its Sandra Oh who plays Christina Yang in that series. She plays every bit as good a role in this as she does in Greys.

Watch if you like

Greys Anatomy



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I’ve finished watching it a couple of weeks ago, really good series.
Greys anatomy is back on wed, hope this season is better than the last one.
Ray Donovan is back on soon, some good actors in this, abit dark at times but worth watching.
Snowfall, I watched the first series and I’m just watching series 2 on catch up.

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I’ve been watching several shows on Netflix :

House of Cards
Orange is the new black
The Crown
13 Reasons Why
Grace and Frankie
Schitts Creek
Dear White People
American Vandal
On my Block

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Netflix is full of brilliant series and movies. One that hasn’t been mentioned is Altered Carbon, I like that and many others that I can’t remember until I see the lists. Sense 8 is very good, out of all that’s been mentioned I would choose that first. My favourite movie at the moment is The Assassin’s Bodyguard with Ryan Renolds and Samuel Jackson... action/comedy is so dam funny

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Preacher (might not be to everyones taste) 

Better call Saul (breaking bad spin off) 

Daredevil (Netflix series) 



Preacher is probably my favourite series currently but I honestly wouldn't know how to explain it you'd have to look it up its well worth a watch. 



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