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  1. It's been a busy month but kofus had his injections and grown alot Its mad how times flys sometimes, Here's some pictures 🤗 Awwww he use to be as small as that fox 🦊
  2. I thought that a few times recently, I was hoping he wouldnt grow out of It lol
  3. I got him a day early but he hasn't minded at all, jumped straight into his crate the minute he saw it last night and started playing with his toys (tho I did have to put an old jacket in there for him, he seems to like my green one)
  4. Oooooo it's getting closer, I'm getting so excited lol
  5. How about fox and the hound lol, (I brought kofu a fox with no stuffing in it and they became best friends)
  6. Preacher (might not be to everyones taste) Better call Saul (breaking bad spin off) Daredevil (Netflix series) Preacher is probably my favourite series currently but I honestly wouldn't know how to explain it you'd have to look it up its well worth a watch.
  7. Thank you, I didn't think it was possible for him to get cuter but he just keeps getting bigger and I just can't wait to bring him home At the moment, kofus eyes are brown around the pupil and green around the outside its really it interesting how they have changed, I like the green it suits him. (he's named after "kovu" from lion King2, I always thought it was spelt with an F and it stuck ) Il be seeing him Friday so hopefully I can get a picture of his eyes then 🤞🏻 might have to try when he's sleeping 😴
  8. ARMANI & ALINAH, Thanks for the advice I might just see if I can do that, not sure if I can handle the wait he's getting so big. I spent a few hours yesterday playing with him and the mother, he definitely already seems to know who's boss. lol In the first picture it looks like he's smiling or maybe it's just me because I ask my friend and he said he looked angry..? His ear finally decided what's what and his eyes currently are a greenish brown which I find gorgeous 😍 haven't been albe to get a decent picture yet but I will keep trying
  9. Ooo I look forward to watching them change 😁 his ears finally on the rise lol I was hoping itd stay down but I suppose it was inevitable
  10. I'm starting to feel like kofu won't enjoy it half as much when he gets older after reading all this 😂
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