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Draco the GSD - Megathread


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Draco is 17 weeks old today and he wondering why he can't fit 2 tennis balls in his mouth at the same time. One day...

Everything is going good. He went in the vet to get his 2nd set and 3rd set of shots, no issues. He is going in for his rabies shot next week. 

The good:

- He is still adorable.
- He doesn't cry in his crate anymore and has been sleeping through the night for WEEKS. Huzzah!
- Socialization is going really good. He has met like 150 people, but only like 5 other dogs. I don't know many people whose dogs I would trust around a puppy, and he might be too old for puppy classes now. He's been to many different places and has experienced many different sounds.
- Training is going good. He knows sit, lie down, come, go to crate, and stand. I'm working on leave it and drop it, but those two are more of a challenge. Still need to proof all commands. Clicker for training has been a godsend. 10/10 would recommend!
- He doesn't bite me anymore! 
- He hasn't chewed up any of my stuff yet, even though he started teething! He loves his antler and his raw bones.

The bad:

- He's regressing a little on his training and has wonderlust. I assume this is normal for a 4 month old puppy - he's more interested in his environment than me! But I'm working on keeping his attention with food.
- When outside (and not leashed for his free-run in the morning) he will steal things and run away with them, but won't steal things when he IS leashed. The brat, he knows the difference already.
- He doesn't really play as much with his toys or me anymore. I think he would rather play with Daisy. I don't want littermate syndrome so I am still raising him separately,  but it sounds like he prefers to play with Daisy anyways? They only play once a day, should I stop this so he will focus on me more? Or will he grow out of it? I will be moving out eventually with him (and leaving Daisy with my parents where she belongs) so I don't want him to freak out when Daisy's not around anymore.
- He doesn't really wag his tail around me. Private trainer/breeder says we are definitely bonded but I just don't see it.

So more good than bad! Always a good thing!


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He’s a stunner [emoji3]
I think it’s a good thing he plays and socialises with Daisy, they learn so much thru play, he’s still a baby and playing is much more fun.
I had a routine for training and play and I kept to it until 18 months of age, we still play and train but it’s not rigid anymore.
You sound as tho you’re doing fantastic with him [emoji3]

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I don't think any of the negatives are negative at all! Harlow regressed and went through all kinds of bad behavior as she developed and still ignores us most of the time [emoji28] she used to and still does steal things like shoes or something I've left out just for a reaction from us!

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Update: Draco is now 6 months old. 


He is amazing dog. Excellent work ethic: he is always ready to go & is so smart. I love working with him.

I think this is the calm before the storm, though, because I noticed his testicles are starting to drop...and with that comes the teenage months & all sorts of problems! 


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