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  1. Update: Draco is now 6 months old. He is amazing dog. Excellent work ethic: he is always ready to go & is so smart. I love working with him. I think this is the calm before the storm, though, because I noticed his testicles are starting to drop...and with that comes the teenage months & all sorts of problems!
  2. Draco is 17 weeks old today and he wondering why he can't fit 2 tennis balls in his mouth at the same time. One day... Everything is going good. He went in the vet to get his 2nd set and 3rd set of shots, no issues. He is going in for his rabies shot next week. The good: - He is still adorable. - He doesn't cry in his crate anymore and has been sleeping through the night for WEEKS. Huzzah! - Socialization is going really good. He has met like 150 people, but only like 5 other dogs. I don't know many people whose dogs I would trust around a puppy, and he might be too old for puppy classes now. He's been to many different places and has experienced many different sounds. - Training is going good. He knows sit, lie down, come, go to crate, and stand. I'm working on leave it and drop it, but those two are more of a challenge. Still need to proof all commands. Clicker for training has been a godsend. 10/10 would recommend! - He doesn't bite me anymore! - He hasn't chewed up any of my stuff yet, even though he started teething! He loves his antler and his raw bones. - The bad: - He's regressing a little on his training and has wonderlust. I assume this is normal for a 4 month old puppy - he's more interested in his environment than me! But I'm working on keeping his attention with food. - When outside (and not leashed for his free-run in the morning) he will steal things and run away with them, but won't steal things when he IS leashed. The brat, he knows the difference already. - He doesn't really play as much with his toys or me anymore. I think he would rather play with Daisy. I don't want littermate syndrome so I am still raising him separately, but it sounds like he prefers to play with Daisy anyways? They only play once a day, should I stop this so he will focus on me more? Or will he grow out of it? I will be moving out eventually with him (and leaving Daisy with my parents where she belongs) so I don't want him to freak out when Daisy's not around anymore. - He doesn't really wag his tail around me. Private trainer/breeder says we are definitely bonded but I just don't see it. So more good than bad! Always a good thing!
  3. Adding onto Emma's post. I recently went through this with my pup. 8 week olds basically have no control over their bladder so you have to take them out often. Draco had to go within 15 minutes after eating, 5 minutes after drinking, immediately after playing, immediately after waking up, and every 30 minutes or so during the day. Watch for signs he needs to go: sniffing, circling, going to a far corner of the room, staring at you, looking uncomfortable or otherwise looking restless. After he does go outside, give him a treat right away (just his kibble is fine) and praise. Make sure he walks through the door to the outside, don't carry him or else he won't 'get it' .
  4. Update: Socialization is going really well. He's no longer afraid of cars/traffic, and he's getting much better with car rides. I have been taking him to new places every day, and he's met a lot of people so far. I messed up trying to teach Draco's name. Apparently he thinks his name = sit (and then look at me), so I have been trying to fix that. Its a slow process because Daisy is around all the time & its a big distraction for him, but he's learning well. He doesn't respond 100% of the time yet, but he's getting there. Much better than a couple of days ago when I first noticed the problem. I've been thinking of buying a clicker so it will speed up the training process (and make things clearer for him), but then I'd need to keep the clicker with me and I just know I'll always forget to bring it with me! Using a marker word (like 'yes') just feels awkward to me, so I have just been giving him a treat as fast as I can when he does something right. Maybe that's the problem, I'm too slow? I might just need to bite the bullet and buy a clicker... He's really smart, its almost scary. He already knows how to open doors, and has taught Daisy how to. Daisy has taught him how to open the door to the garbage so I've been tying the door shut until I have time to train both of them out of it! He has been sleeping through the whole night for weeks with no messes in the crate (7 hours), been wondering when I can up it to 8 hours so I can get more sleep... Here's a picture I took yesterday. He's doing good, growing bigger by the day!
  5. Thanks Nix. Yes, she is a little controlling. But these are GSDs from working lines...his mother and father do protection work (and she trains dogs for the police)...so she has to be strict especially on the owners or the dog can develop behavioural and structural problems. She knows her puppies, after all. I'm trying to do what I think is right too. As long as I make everything a positive experience for him in regards to socialization, and go with my gut, it should be okay. If I sweat it out, he'll stress too and that's not a good thing. I just need to chill....
  6. So two questions: 1. I am planning on taking him to the park today for socialization and so he can explore the world a little (AFAIK there are not a lot of dogs that go there, so there's minimal risk of contracting anything). I have a 30ft leash. Breeder says the exercise limits are 2.5 minutes for every month of age. So Draco can do 5 minutes of walking at a time (and NO stairs or repetitive exercise, like fetch, till he's like 10 months old) before it gets dangerous for his joints. My question is...what about free-running on a long leash? Does the 2.5 minutes/month still apply or would it be less because he might be running around on the long leash? 2. Feeding and treats: Breeder says to feed him 2.5 cups a day, but when I did that he got a little chubby. So I'm thinking of cutting that amount in half and using the rest of his caloric intake for treats (currently freeze-dried liver....he doesn't go for kibble as treats anymore.). Good idea? I don't want to starve him of nutrients, but a fat puppy is an unhealthy puppy and the extra weight really bad for their joints. He is already a little chubby so I am trying to get him to lose weight without exercising him too much.
  7. I did 5 hours last night, and no mess in the crate! I guess I'll be taking cat naps throughout the day for awhile...whenever he sleeps I should sleep.
  8. So Draco was doing so well and he blew it! No accidents in his crate at all until the past 2 nights (both of which was pee). I have been withholding water for 1.5 hours before he is put in his crate for the night, so I don't know if I have to take him out more often...or not. The first week I took him out every 4 hours at night, but it was driving me crazy from sleep deprivation so I increased it up to 6 hours. Too much too soon?
  9. I never bought a husky puppy. I don’t understand why you think I was confused or misled?
  10. Leash and collar training is going well. Nomming on a raw marrowbone. I hope his other ear will stand up - my family won’t leave his ears alone
  11. (I decided to make a megathread, where I only post about him here. He isn’t a husky, after all!) So, we picked up the puppy on the 28th. He yowled in the car (missing his litter mates/pack?). Brought him home, and upon breeder’s advice we have been keeping Daisy and him separated (they can smell each other through the door, but no physical contact. Breeder says any negative encounter with a dog at his age will affect him for life) Daisy has been avoiding him anyways, and she still gets love, attention, walks, etc. That night in his crate, alone (breeder’s/trainer’s ‘orders’) he yowled for 4 hours straight. After he was quiet for ~5 seconds I let him out of the crate and carried him outside to potty. Apparently that was a mistake because the next morning the breeder said I was only supposed to let him out when he fell asleep. I thought 5 seconds was enough quiet time? So because of all that stress, and the fact he got into some cheese while I wasn’t watching him for 5 seconds, he developed gastro problems and diarrhea for almost 24 hours. Called up breeder for advice, she said to reduce his meals by half, add goat’s milk to it, and give him half a tablet of peptobismol. And to sleep in his room (non-crated) until his digestive system settle down. So I have been doing that. Tonight (or maybe even today for practice), if his stools are still normal I will stick him in the crate and not let him out until he falls asleep. I don’t want another dog with separation anxiety - already went through that with Suka. I decided to name him Draco, and for the past couple days I have been working on getting him to recognize his name (it’s hit or miss right now), the come command (not going so well), and collar training. I have been trying to make the crate seem like a happy place too, but that’s not going so well. Made somebmistakes so far, but he’s my first puppy so I guess that’s expected. Anyways, here are pictures in chronological order. His ears are starting to come up.
  12. My favourite animated 'classic' Disney movie is probably The Lion King. As for a more recent one, definitely Zootopia. It's such a unique world and I hope they explore it more. So much untapped potential there.
  13. Elyse

    Getting a puppy!

    Haha, its okay. We all want the best for the dogs, right? The pup will be ready to come home just before New Year's, around the 28th or the 29th. I'm assuming you own a GSD yourself?
  14. Elyse

    Getting a puppy!

    I understand, thanks for your concern. I will be home 24/7, I am unemployed so there is lots of time for training, exercise, socialization, etc. I don't have any personal experience with the breed, but I know how much work they take, and they need a good handler. That they need a job to do or they will get destructive. I plan to take him bikejoring when he's older. I have owned a husky in the past too, so I know how to deal with any stubborn-ness, the double coat, etc. If I do get a job, my parents are home all the time (with Daisy) and they can take care of him while I am at work.
  15. Hello everyone, Daisy and I have been doing well, she just turned 2 years old a few months ago. She is such a good dog, Labs are awesome breeds. I come bearing good news: I am getting a purebred German Shepherd puppy! Pick-up will be December 28th, so relatively soon. I made sure it is from a reputable breeder, who not only breeds and trains dogs for the police (working lines), but is also trying to correct the breed's sloped back through her breeding program. I would have posted pictures, but technically I don't know exactly which puppy I will be getting from the litter. The breeder matches the personality of the puppy up with the personality of the owner to make sure there is maximum compatibility, and while I stated I strongly prefer a male, it is not 100% guaranteed (although the odds are in my favour, 4 males and 3 females in the litter). So, instead, here is the sire and the dam. The pups are around 4 weeks old now. I have never owned a puppy before, and while I have been reading up on it and bought a few books, I'm sure I can rely on you guys for help, right? Even though the pup isn't a husky? I am most worried about the initial introduction to Daisy, how Daisy will react to the pup in general, and socialization. I know its a long road ahead of me, and I am both nervous and excited!
  16. First of all... I'm still alive! I know I haven't logged in here for awhile, but school has been keeping me busy more than usual. After exams I'll have a nice 2 week break where I can go home and see her (and the rest of my family), so I'm looking forward to that! Haven't seen them in 6 weeks. I still miss Suka every day even though its been almost a whole year, and no dog will ever replace him. We just understood each other without really needing words/commands, especially towards the end. Daisy is doing well. She just graduated from PetSmart's Advanced class (she graduated beginner & intermediate too), so that's good. She's still having some problems with recall & she's a bit stubborn - if I didn't know any better I would think she had a bit of husky in her, haha! She loves to snuggle, she'll try to curl up into your lap & she's really playful. I've rough-housed with her a few times, but stopped after she got too excited and hurt me (a bite that almost drew blood). I don't want her thinking its okay to play like that with other people, as some might interpret it as aggression, so I don't play with her that way anymore. Also, she doesn't really like fetch...which is weird for a lab. At the dog park, she prefers to chase dogs that chase after balls, and she doesn't care about the ball itself. We have fully fenced in our yard so Daisy can run around out back to burn off some excess energy (she still has lots of zoomies) & so we can (try to) play fetch without worrying she'll run off. Her recall still sucks, though I think that's my fault more than her fault. But we're working on it. Is she still considered a 'puppy' at 1 year 3 months? We had a lot of problems with food - she just wouldn't eat anything. Now finally she seems okay with Acana, so we have been sticking with that, but it was a rocky road for a long time. Her walking has gotten a lot better as well - though we use a prong collar for walks instead of a martingale. The martingale just wasn't working for her (we tried the Gentle Leader too). I've been trying to train her to walk to heel for my Mom's sake, but that's proving difficult even with professional training. When I'm home this summer I'll try weaning her off of the prong in the hope she'll walk okay with a flat collar. Attached is one of the more recent pictures of Daisy and I back in October. Taking good pictures of black dogs is hard, lol!
  17. Hi guys. So, not a husky, I know. But I know you guys have lots of experience with counter surfing huskies. Well, Daisy (9 month old black lab) does the same thing...except when we're not looking. She's sneaky about it, and we haven't been able to catch her in the act, we've only seen her jump off the counter when we come in the room...and we can't scold her for that right? I was wondering if there is anything we can do that'll curb this behaviour? Will bitter apple spray help at all, maybe spray it on the edges of the counter?
  18. Good boy, Solo!
  19. Daisy likes to follow us around, mainly me cause I'm her main caregiver right now. She knows she is supposed to go on her mat, but sometimes she'll lie at our feet. She also likes to cuddle - if you are sitting on the ground for whatever reason, prepare to have a 60 pound dog curl up in your lap (or try to!). Other than that, she likes to chew on stuff (thankfully only on her toys!). She also has little naps throughout the day (we call them 'puppy naps'). About once a day on one of her potty breaks outside, though, she has the zoomies for a bit. Probably need to exercise her more, but its such a PAIN walking her when she pulls. We recently got a prong collar, and that seems to be helping a little, but walking isn't enjoyable right now.
  20. Daisy, doing Daisy things. She's such a cuddly goofball.
  21. Daisy had her spay today, we can pick her up tomorrow they said. So I'm excited for that. During her spay, they discovered she had pyometra. They said they caught it early, and they are giving us antibiotics (along with the standard pain meds after a spay) to ensure its gone. We don't even have to pay for the medication or for any other extra procedure they had to do for the pyometra, which is a bonus.
  22. Here's another picture of her. 4 more days until her spay. Not sure if we take her home the same day or what but...my dad's gone a little dog crazy. I had to convince him to NOT adopt a red husky today. When we have Daisy's training where we want her, then we can get another dog. But until then, bad idea.
  23. They said she was a mix, yeah. But they also said Suka was a mix, and I've been told by husky breeders (IRL) that he was a purebred, just from different lines. I think they just put 'mix' on everything just so people don't go there and 'window shop' for the exact breed they want. They had a lot of dogs there from Mexico that honestly just looked like mutts/street dogs. They called them 'Retriever Mixes'. That's what I was thinking, but I'm having trouble on figuring out how to train her there before she comes home. Any ideas? She knows the basics (sit, come here, lie down, shake a paw, and stay) already, and they won't let me take her for a walk to figure out how well (or not) she walks on the leash.
  24. Technically not our dog yet, but we spent some time with Daisy at the shelter's outdoor run today. Picture is from yesterday, though.
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