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Sometimes we like to pretend she is a horse...


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Thanks guys! 😀

What a great action shot!  How easy was it to train her with it?

It came pretty naturally, we started off with a small crosspole (Thats the equestrian in me ahah) and came to it at a run, she jumped, loads of praise and a treat, put it up to a straight, same thing again, start to introduce the word ''jump'' as she goes towards the jump and so on :)

I used to do it with our lab and rottie x as a child, they all tend to pick it up quite quickly, Mishka just seems to really enjoy it so I can have some fun with making larger spreads and putting the poles higher :)

Although always start with a warm up, gradually build the jumps high, and if something is too difficult, bring it down a bit to end on a good note. :)

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