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very helpful biggrin.gif someone on here, don't remember who, told me I should be feeding Embry 2 cups a day, 1 at each feeding time. According to this calculator, according to the brand I feed him it said to feed him like 3.8 cups a day, which is about what i was feeding him.

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Wow, I just put in Zoya's ideal weight (50 lbs), her activity level, which is pretty high, so I chose highly active, and her food is 370kcal/cup which is virtually the same as 370 calories per cup. The calculator comes up with almost 5 cups per day. If I drop the activity level down to active, it comes up to about 3-1/2 cups per day. Zoya gets two cups per day and has for about a year and a half. Her weight has remained stable for the last year or so. The food she's on indicates 2-1/3 to 3 cups per day for her size and weight. Keep in mind, Huskies are more efficient than most breeds when it comes to gaining nutrients and expending energy, and this will vary even within the Husky breed.

Like the labels on the dog food bag, the calculator is a great tool. I personally think it will get you in the ball park, and with some dogs, it will be right on the money, but not will all dogs. It certainly will help for those who are trying to establish an amount to feed. Rep added. Great information.

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11 hours ago, Allycat40 said:

What food is good to build up a husky

The same food that your dog's ancestors have eaten for the last 40 million years  (yes, I meant 40 million).  Raw Food,  at least 50% pure raw meat - preferably around 75%. Vegetables around 5-10% depending whether you need to put weight on or take it off.  5% berries  and around 10% offal.

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