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  1. Its possible Kiana had lovely blues but now at 7 they are very light almost white with a deep blue edge
  2. Ordered a harness and lead a couple weeks ago still a 4wk wait ^_^
  3. My heart shattered to read this news I dearly hope everyone here is safe as are your friends and relatives! Sending love and prayers from across the pond! https://m.mic.com/articles/177858/panic-erupts-at-ariana-grande-concert-after-a-loud-bang-reported-at-manchester-arena?tse_id=INF_aa88af603f4411e785b761b07d40d40a&utm_campaign=WHFacebook&utm_content=inf_10_285_2&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=policymicFB#.C6GECjFbO
  4. aronoiiel


    I came upon this show on Hulu and I fell in love! Its so well done the actors are all amazing and it has that old school feel that just lingers. Made me homesick and brought up some wonderful memories. Its got sme pretty accurate stuff when it comes to the horses as well from what a friend of mine says.
  5. Ah yeah I could see that I suppose. Its noce having great people like this forum to run to when panic and fear set in. At least everyone here completely understands ^_^ In a few months once her UTI is clear we are going to talk about proceeding with her thyroid test and doing her hip and throat xrays to see if nerve damage is causing her problems there. I will keep this post updated as much as I can so hopefully if it comes up there is a referrence for them. Its going to be quite a long journey it seems.
  6. Thank you we will get hwr sorted and back to squirrel pestering in no time I am sure ^_^ Oh no Emma you are right it was me lol if I had looked first I would have seen the post right before mine I know it can be annoying having the same subject multiple times on a forum I was worried I was cluttering lol. Im ao glad I can still come here and feel so comfortable asking for help its definitely not in my usual nature but this place is so homely. I have really missed this place I cant believe how long I have been away O_o I feel like that one relative who just calls once a year to see how things are lol As a side note its interesting the more I research this disease the more I see huskies as a breed being listed as prone to it but in the 2yrs of research I didnt before deciding on the breed I dont remember it being mentioned in the possible conditions. Is this a new thing?
  7. Oh wow that was a good bit of info thank you so much for that! I did start a thread about thyroid issues but didn't realize someone already had lol sorry you can delete it if you would like i can follow the other one ^_^ I got so much information that day my brain was waaaaay over loaded. From her blood panels so far she does have low thyroid which our vet is concerned over. That article also explains why she mentioned the paralysis I had no idea they could be connected. Kiana has been hiding quite few things from us that only her blood panels revealed the muffin. After her UTI is taken care off we are going to do a new test of her thyroid and talk more about what will be done to check for the paralysis. I'm kind of irked now that the vet that seen her for her annual last year passed it off as allergies and that I left it at that. Some pet parent But that's neither here nor there. To be honest Im just overwhelmed we went in for shots and to talk about her possibly having displaysia and noow she has a uti, weird calcium issue, thyroid problem, possible nerve damage in her back end not displaysia, and a serious throat condition. . . all the while she is happy as a clam pretending she has nothing wrong silly marshmallow. Thank you sorry lol this turned into a bit of a vent the past 3 wks have been a head spinner O_o
  8. I agree with robke if the vet isnt finding a medical reason I would cut down the baths for sure. Kiana gets a soap and water bath once a year and only if she is dirty or extra smelly (monky likes to roll in fish guts lmao) other than that maybe twice a year just a warm soak for coat blow if it seems to be rough on her though most of her blows go smoothly without it.
  9. Thank you I wasnt overly concerned last year when our vet suggested it wa allergies but now when she is sleeping she will take a deep breath and basically chokes on it and wakes herself up she looks so scared when she cant seem to get enough air. It started about 3 years ago when I noticed she seemed to always kinda choke on her water :/ I hope someone has experience Im at a loss here
  10. Hello again all! Kiana's recent vet visits have opened up some serious health concerns one of them being Laryngeal Paralysis. I am very worried about it as her symptoms seem to be on par with it. Does anyone at all have any experience or advice for this? In a few months when I build the cash back up I am going to get her tested but it requires anethesia and that scares me since she already has breathing problems. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. I have done some research on it but all the info is intimidating :/
  11. Thank you for the reply ^_^ I forget to ask my vet so much when I am there I always get overlaoded with information You deffinitely touched on somwthing I am going to ask to see if fhe calcium issue can be related to her thyroid issue. We hopefully can do her other thyroid test soon and hopefully get it figured out :/ I never could understand the difference between hypo and hyper thank you ^_^
  12. I dont let Kiana eat grass outside if I can help it but I grow some inside for her to nibble when she has a tummy upset. She loves it never vomits it back up. Always consult your vet if you are worried or have a gut feeling. You know your dog best.
  13. Hi all! Eep its been um heh some time since I visited this lovely place! I cant believe how much this forum has goan and change! I was hoping someone here might have some insight into my Kiana's current medical issues. Long story short we wnet into our vet last thursday to see about getting her hips checked out as she is having some problems. Well we ended up getting some blood tests ran and got some not so fun surprises. My little bear has been hidi g a uti which she is now being treated for but also has high calcium and very low thyroid levels. She is pretty overweight not for lack of trying to shed the pounds and our vet thinks she has a thyroid problem. The calcium level is a mystery she has no tumors and her lymph system is fine. We did another calcium test today and her free calcium was normal. I really have no clue what to think about that. I have done some minor research on both and Im kind of confused. We go back next thursday to test her urine to make sure the antibiotics are working so i am going to ask more questions. I was curious if anyone else has had experience with this? She is eating kibble wellness core ocean she gets 1 and 2/3 cup a day with an afternoon snack of fresh veggies, fruits, or chicken. She is 7yrs old. Lets see we walk about a mile in the morning and maybe a half mile later ij the day or at night it depends on how her hips are feeling. She is on a glucosamine supplement with omega 3 and 6 and now she is on three medications for her current problems including an anti inflammatory, a pain med specific for nerve pain, and her antibiotics. I dont if any of that infor helps or not. It been a long year for us so far lol. Thanks in advance its nice sneaking back in here again and seeing so many still doing well!
  14. I honestly just don't understand why people don't leave their pets home in temps like this http://www.pixable.com/article/watch-dog-dramatically-rescued-hot-car-animal-control/#
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