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Husky questions


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Hello, I was advised by the vet to ask other husky owners, My 4 year old husky has an intermittent clearing of the throat issue, it isn't a cough, its a bit like we do when we have catarrh in our throat. I feel like it could be a hair ball that he needs to cough up but this has been going on now for about 3 months, he is fine in himself. He isn't losing any weight he eats plenty still active and as stubborn as ever. Is this a known issue with husky's and other long haired dogs and will it go away on its own? the vet has given him anti biotics and anti flam medicine but it is still there, it has gone a little worse at the moment because he is shedding. Should i be concerned or am i stressing over nothing thank you. 

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My Bindi had this a while ago and also had a runny nose…went to the vet and in the end after a few tests it was an ear infection…ear did stink like yeast…it did transfer as a bacterial infection to her paws as she was scratching her ear with it… she went onto eardrops and was ok after that …

hopefully this helps you a bit…otherwise I would also suggest a second opinion they might come with a solution…

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He has had two full check ups and I was told that his lungs, ears heart eyes and everything else is fine, they put him on the anti biotics because they thought it was kennel cough, he has licked his paws a few times but has now stopped, I suffer from metal health issues, stress and anxiety so i even thought is he picking up on my stress etc. He is the only thing that keeps me going everyday and even though it isnt affecting his every day life i worry about him and want it to clear up.. Thank you for your reply.

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I have no idea what is up with your pup,  but,  if you find the antibiotics working AT ALL  -  then a good, long term, solution is olive leaf.   Antibiotics destroy the gut bacteria  - olive leaf does not  - but has the same sort of function as antibiotics. 

You can get  olive leaf  (dried) from Amazon  -  go for a small amount to start with (no more than 100g  - you only use about 5g at a time)  put around 2 tablespoons or so into a coffee grinder and grind into a powder.    pour the powder into a small jar  - then give one teaspoon of the powder with each meal  (i.e. breakfast and dinner).    If you feed kibble  (I hope not)  then you will need to moisten his food to enable the olive leaf powder to stick to the kibble.

Olive leaf does not react with any medication, works like an antibiotic and leaves the gut bacteria alone.   One of my dogs has been on olive leaf on and off for nearly 5 years  -  I wont allow them to have antibiotics unless life is threatened.   Do not grind up more than a couple of days-worth of powder  -  the leaves, if left whole, will keep active for up to one year  whereas the powder loses potency relatively quickly  (within a week).

Its just a thought but olive leaf is also very good if a dog is suffering with any form of yeast infection, it is rich in oleuropein.



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