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Getting a second husky

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Hi. I have a 4 year old neutered male husky, who is very well behaved so we have decided now is a good time to get a puppy. We will be getting a male husky puppy in 4 weeks and was just wondering if there is anything I should be prepared for/how to deal with puppy hormones around my adult male dog. This is the first time I will be having two dogs, but I have always wanted two :) thank you for any advice! 

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A lot will depend on how your older dog sees the puppy  ............    as a new playmate  - or an interloper.    I would take the older dog to meet the pup before coming home  (into 'his' territory).      I could not do that with my last pup  - as he was a rescue from the other side of the country.   My older dog was usually fairly ok with meeting other dogs  - but he took a dislike to Marley  as soon as he came through the door.   If the pup came too close he would growl and snarl at him.   However by the time  Marley was 4-5 months old they were fine together.

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