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Husky siblings help


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Hi all,
I am just looking for some advice, we have 2 huskies (male and female siblings) 

our plan was to have our boy neutered and our girl spayed. 
They are 10 months old and the vet said they wouldn’t neuter our boy until at least 18 months due to not being fully matured until then which is fine. 
But they also said they won’t spay our girl until 2 months after her first season. I’ve looked a lot into this and read it’s actually best all round if they are spayed before their first season and holds many benefits in doing so? 
Does anyone know which is the case? Ideally I don’t want to separate them both for that long, it would be awful but obviously will if that’s how it has to be. 

Thank you in advance for any help/response :) 

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The latest research  (actually a few years old now) has shown that the sex hormones play a massive part in growth.   If neutered too early then the dog/bitch is far more likely to suffer abnormal growth in the bones  - knee dysplasia, hip dysplasia etc.    I would not spay/neuter ANY dog before they have finished growing  -  around 18 months old for medium dogs  - as long as 2 years for large breed dogs.      My boy is 7.5 years old and still un-neutered - he will never see the vet for that procedure unless his life is at stake.  My other dog came to me already neutered  (both dogs are rescues).

Please do some research for yourself.    Then please consider  vasectomy for your dog  rather than neuter.    


Would love to see pictures of your huskies  -  we all love pictures.


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