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I am Tobias, and about a year ago I took in a seven month old pitbull-husky mix, Lilypad, from a fosterer who could no longer handle her. She is now a wonderful seventeen month old dog who has been excelling in service training as a deaf alert dog. Her recall is something to laugh at, but she does consistently do alerts for my disability and I've had SO much fun working with her because of her quirks.

My future plans for Lilypad include Canicross and distance hiking (Appalachian Trail, most likely), but I need a bit more time for her to grow and then time to condition her. I lost my last canicross dog to old age just two weeks after adopting her, so she has helped heal a massive hole in my heart and aided me in my grief over my beloved chow chow.

Lily is white with yellow ears and a back stripe, blue eyes, and a liver nose. According to EMBARK, she is a red (cream) with piebald in color, with a liver nose. She also contains traces of Chow Chow, German Shepherd, and American Bully.

Her favorite things are pup cups, car rides, and running. She absolutely makes me stop by Starbucks just for her... Spoiled pup!


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