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Looking to own the Bernedoodle dog


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Hi, I own a Siberian Husky, but unfortunately, I have lost her in the past month. It was very disappointed for me. But now I have decided to go for another dog breed. 

I am looking to own the Bernedoodle. But I really don't now much about this dog breed. Anyone here having the experience of Bernedoodle dog. Please let me know 

your thoughts. Are these dogs good for the families?

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how can you say it is a breed... it is a cross between 2 breeds..,it alway amazes me that people call this a breed and more than likely a pretty penny would need to be paid for this cross...

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Personally I hate that people cross everything with a poodle these days,  either get a bernese or get a poodle and research each breed to see which is a better fit and what would suit your lifestyle more , with a cross breed you never know 100% what traits you'll get from each side 

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The Husky breed is very playful and friendly, but not some of the most intelligent dogs. I lost mine half a year ago. She ran away and didn't return home. I was very disappointed. But the saddest were the children because they missed Rosie, and they wanted to be with her. A week passed, and my husband and I decided to buy a purebred Samoyed. They are also very playful and friendly with children. Admiral, that's his name, came home to us via https://www.europuppy.com/ They delivered it directly from Europe. And I would say that this breed is a perfect fit for our family. The Bernedoodle breed they do not have because this is not a pure breed. But, I know that my neighbors walk such a dog. He's always friendly with me when you approach him.

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