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randomly regurgitates some undigested food


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My husky, Zeus, is regurgitation up some food today. Its the first time he's done it. 

He doesn't eat fast, he's a really picky eater, and sometimes only eat 1/3 of his food. and i've only seen him regurgitate when he drinks water too fast. Today, some food has come back up with no notice. Normally, he'll eat grass, and throws up, and you KNOW when he's throwing up. This is different, he'll be sleeping on his back, feet up in the air, and he'll sit up, and a little food comes back up. Or he'll walk, and then food just comes up. He isn't acting different, still playing, wanting to go outside all happy. Drinks water like normal. Should I take him to the vet?

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How old is he?

 *This is just what I did, I am not suggesting this is what your fur baby has or how to treat it*

Mine did that and he ($3000 later) had heart burn. 🙃 It was caused by his leaky gut. Some pups develop sever symptoms or it is only aggravated when an allergy is involved.

I would suggest researching Leaky Gut and Heartburn.

Undigested food coming up while lying down is like us having heartburn when we lay down flat after eating a full meal?.?.

 After I did reach and knowing all his medical conditions that my boy was dealing with I decided to give him apple cider vinegar. Instead of the meds.

I started off with a small amount then worked up to a full tablespoon. (He loves it and would probably drink a whole bottle if he could). If I was watching him closely I could pick up on his signs and give him the apple cider vinegar before he needed to throw up.
It stopped after I was able to get his leaky gut healed and figured out all his food allergies.

Leaky gut normally develops during the processes of when they go from moms milk to dry food. That’s why I asked about his age.

*Just a thought*
If he is older and has developed heartburn then there could be something else going on.  (Mine started around 6 months) 

Never heard of apple cider vinegar having negative side effects when given in small amounts. I even give it to my girl if I think she is starting to get a bladder infection. Maybe it’s worth a try until you can get him into the vet.


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I’d consult with the vet, particularly if this is something new going on.   Not sure what kind of lockdown restrictions are in place where you are, if any.  And how that would affect things right now.  

Could possibly be something like reflux but that’s just me throwing out guesses.  Would need to get a proper medical diagnosis from the vet to find out the true cause.  

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