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Hi Guyz please anyone can tell me whats causing the red eye in one side of my 4 month old puppy .. its been a while it comes and goes back on the same eye its not itchy at all not watery. As i realize there are veins which turns red and the whole white area is also red.The other eye is normal white. Anyone had something similar before.Thanks in advance. 


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I'm pretty nervous about eye problems for my girl has some issues since she was one. Her vet told me that allergies could happen in one eye or both, and not always itchy though. Does she squint or paw her eye? it could be some debris in the eye-fur, dust, sand ? Dry eye? Pink eye can be caused by a number of different things. Makes me worry is her redness comes and goes. I'd recommend to have your vet check her out to make sure there's nothing serious. 

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