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Found 4 results

  1. This is Minika! She is 6 weeks old almost 7 on Wednesday. Here are photos of her including a close up of her eyes. What color do you think they'll be!! Me and the breeder think maybe bi eyed or parti eye in one. What are your guesses!!? I love how much huskies change it's so exciting. Can u guess right? (Also, no I do not have her yet, she is still with the breeder like she should be until 8 weeks♡)
  2. Hey everyone ! I recently found my other half so I decided to get him home. Summer. Initially i thought that he is too little (6 weeks old) and it might take some time until the pigments of his eyes will get much defined, but today, while we were playing, I saw that I might be really wrong. I went online and i found out that he might have heterochromia. Does this affects the way he sees ? Is it a normal thing or a bad thing ? From what I researched, it is not a big deal, it's just a beautiful feature my love has. *I tried to take better shots but that's all I can get from him 😁
  3. So a little about myself real fast. I was raised around animals my entire life. Horses, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, ferrets, and even a snake once. I once had a husky mix when I was a young teenager. Duke was amazing. He passed away of old age when I was 22. When I got married and moved into my first house, I began rescuing the abandoned strays in my neighborhood. We lived near a set of woods that many went to go fourwheeling in. But it was also nicknamed the "Drop Off" because a lot of people would drive by and dump their unwanted pets there. They would wonder up into the streets dirty & hungry. I have rescued & found forever homes for 48 dogs now. #49 we kept, and took him with us when we moved. He is a lab mix of some kind, and we named him Boots. Fast-forward, I now have four kids & Boots is still with us years later. I have wanted a husky though for so many years. Ever since Duke when I was a teen. We spent months looking for a Siberian Husky. I finally found a brown & white female puppy. The lady contacted me the day our sib was born. We're gonna name her Lakita! Though I still have 3 weeks to wait, until she'll be able to come home with us. I set up a puppy room just for her. lol With a crate & a doggy bed. Bowls, all kinds of different toys, flea stuff, and her cute harness/leash/fancy collar... I can not wait until I can love on her & spoil her. lol Anyways, they opened their eyes a week ago. I know all huskies are born with blue, but that their eyes can change. I do not care if they stay the same or change, but I find it fun to guess, or speculate what they will likely be. It's like being pregnant, for example - you'll love the baby either way, but are excited to know if it's a boy or girl & who they'll favor lol! I love Lakita either way, but Im excited to find out what color her eyes will be. So for fun, I wanted to ask all of you what you think. Her sire has bright ice blue eyes. Her dam has one full blue eye & her other eye is a parti (Blue with a little spot of brown)... With both parents having blue eyes (well one with a parti-color eye) - what do you think the chances are of her eyes being blue? Or even cuter, if she might take after her mama & have parti-eyes? ^_^
  4. Hi Guyz please anyone can tell me whats causing the red eye in one side of my 4 month old puppy .. its been a while it comes and goes back on the same eye its not itchy at all not watery. As i realize there are veins which turns red and the whole white area is also red.The other eye is normal white. Anyone had something similar before.Thanks in advance.
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