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  1. Good luck and hope everything goes well ! You need a good sleep tonight, Nikki !
  2. I'm so sorry, Nix. Thinking of you.
  3. Not ACL surgery, but my girl had TPLO. After the surgery, you have to watch him 24 hours for the next two weeks at least- I'm not exaggerating ! No jumping, no running, no walking by himself and he needs to be on a leash at all times even inside the house unless he's in a crate. If Tuff isn't good at taking medicines, it would be nice to have cheese, hot dogs, baby food paste and some other things for 3 or 4 kinds of medicines come home with him. If you're thinking about physical therapy, I recommend looking for a rehab facility in advance and make a reservation if possible -we had to wait for a month to get in. Hope Tuff has a very speedy recovery !
  4. I'm sorry I haven't noticed if Ava's pupils ever turned that small. Does Sierra still have different sizes of pupils? Is the cloudiness of her eye is over the cornea or in the lens? Hope the specialist will find the right answer. Here's my girl. The white shades in the eyes are from cornea dystrophy, and her cataracts are too small to see in this pic.
  5. I wonder if It could be some corneal disease ? My girl has it in addition to cataracts, but they're not related though. She has a gray opacity in both eyes like cataracts. Have you taken Sierra to a specialist?
  6. I hope it's an infection rather than cataracts. My girl has juvenile cataracts due to bad breeding. Blueberries and lutein are very helpful for eye health as well as well-balanced diet and regular exercise, and minimal vaccines. UV rays damage eyes, especially when they have problems. I hope the antibiotic work on Honey 🙏
  7. I taught hand signals to Ava when she was a puppy and the hardest thing was as Emma says to get her attention. Since you're not new to hand signals, I don't think it would be hard - maybe with some extra time and lots of good treats. Good luck!
  8. Happy Birthday, handsome Kaimana That's a great number as a big boy ! Wish I could hug you
  9. Oh from their play ! So it is husky related
  10. Hi. Ear hematomas happen to any dogs and cats as well. Not my husky Ava, but my other girl had surgeries a couple of times due to ear infections. Seems it comes back in a few days after draining most of the time. What was the cause of Zeena's? Good luck.
  11. BBava

    Snow Play

    Lovely pics ! They look so happy
  12. Wwww poor Harley. All fingers crossed.

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