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Home cooked meals for both of my dogs.

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Hi, I have two dogs my Husky is 3 years old and about 65lb and my Chihuahua is about 3lb. I've recently had to start cooking their food and my Husky is not eating what I cook anymore and I'm not sure what to cook for them. Please can you help me out with this situation please? 

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Why are you having to home cook?  Food allergies  or is one just being ultra fussy, or a medical condition?    Why not raw feed?    Easier than cooking the food, plus they get more nutrition out of the food even if it is very lightly cooked.

Can you tell me exactly what you are feeding  day by day  - and why

I am a qualified raw dog food nutritionist, and also hold an advanced dog food nutrition qualification, I may be able to help.


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