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Concerned about my husky pup


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Hi Everybody!


Hope you are all well. I have recently became a proud husky dad to my Loki! He is brilliant and i love him very much!

Over the last couple of days here in England it has been very hot.

I've been trying to keep him as cool as I can.


Over night he seemed to have sweated a little and has woken up with this redness around his muzzle area. (Ill add some pictures)


Does anyone know what this is? Should I be concerned? Should i take him down to the vets?


He seems fine in himself! eating drinking and playing as usual. 


Thank you for any advice you can give me in advanced!


Hope everyone is okay and are looking forward to the Weekend!!! :)


Luke / Loki






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I have a food allergic husky  -  his muzzle goes exactly the same when he has eaten something that does not agree with him.

What has he been fed/eaten  in the last 24,  then 48 hours.  List everything, including treats.

What type of food is he on?

My boy reacts to what his food has eaten in its lifetime  - so the more processed his food the harder it will be for you to ascertain what he is reacting to.


My Marley almost died because this secondary symptom was ignored by my vet.

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Hi. Thank you for taking the time to reply.


He over the last 24 hours has had his normal rounds of food which is the wellness core puppy - chicken and  turkey (this is what he has been feeding on since I got him from the breeder. He seemed to be content with eating this for now.so I haven't changed him off)

He also has had the puppy dental sticks by pedigree (one each day)

A couple of the chicken tasty mini puppy treats by pedigree


On the day or so before this appeared he did have some frozen watermelon. ( this was sunday or monday)

He has had watermelon before and not had any reaction.

I've not given him any watermelon since.

It does seem to be slowly going down but its been since Tuesday ( 4 days) 

And that's pretty much the cycle at the moment. ( bar the watermelon  that's a treat in the hot weather)


He is also 5months old as I forgot to mention in the original post.


Thank you again for your time!

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Any substance that causes a reaction will rarely show fully on first ingestion - but like normal allergies, the second time the reaction is worse as the body is already primed to look out for it.

You are right to not give the watermelon again.   Please ensure he gets nothing he has not had before.   If the redness goes completely,  (it will take time as the reaction in his saliva is what caused his fur to change colour, in effect it has been dyed), then you will know it was the watermelon.   If however it remains (even if it fades somewhat) then you will know he is still having something that does not agree with him.

My boy is not allergic to any meat whatsoever  - but went into anaphylactic shock after eating chicken.   He IS allergic  to what the chicken ate in its lifetime (and any meat that has eaten  grains or soya.   9 different foodstuffs to be precise  (so I have my work cut out for me).

I hope your boy recovers completely and goes back to a completely white mouth.   However please keep a close eye on his mouth for the rest of his life.   It will probably be your first warning sign.     My boy was not so lucky,  he had a vet that did not listen to me  -  and ended up with 100 bleeding ulcers, and epilepsy before going into shock  (his story is on here over several posts).

If you find the redness does reappear (and/or if he shows any signs of dietary distress) I would urge you to get him tested for food allergies   ALLERVET  is the name of the test Marley had,  your vet takes a blood sample and sends it off to them  - he will have the results in 7 days.    Marley's last test cost me £212.   You will then be looking for a change of diet for him.

Kibble of any kind is NOT the best food for any dog, let alone a husky   (no matter what the manufacturing/advertising people say  - after all their job is ONLY to sell their products).

I hold two qualifications in dog food nutrition  -  if you have a problem in the future  just message me  - I will do whatever I can to help.

I hope however that you won't need any help.

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