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Mouth/skin issues, any ideas on what to test for?

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Hey, first time poster as I'm browsing the Internet trying to find any info I can.

My Husky/Shepard mix, Marceline is experiencing this wound/skin issue thing on her bottom lip that got a secondary infection that doesn't seem to be clearing up. Although the infection died down the thing on her lip doesn't seem any better and her mouth has started to get a bunch of ulcers. This could be due to the medication (antibiotics, inflammation reducer, pain pill, probiotics) or it may be related. It could also be a zinc deficiency thing or maybe a food allergy?

I've seen the vet a couple of times about this issue and she has a biopsy scheduled for Wednesday, but my Dr. really doesn't know what it is so I'm trying to find information on what kind of tests we should run and if I should try any food supplements/diet changes to see if it resolves.

Any advice on what tests to run things to try from anyone that's seen something like this before?

Thanks so much if anyone has any info!


Some images of the issue:






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It does not look like zinc deficiency to me  -  that is usually dry and scabby.   One of my boys has 9 different food allergies - but it did not affect his mouth, so I would be inclined to rule that out as well.   Food allergies normally cause stomach & intestinal issues  (mine went into anaphylactic shock and developed epilepsy).   It also causes bile vomitting,  reluctance to eat etc.

I would be inclined to look up one of the best holistic vets in your county  -  never hurts to get a second opinion.    Gook luck and please keep us updated.

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