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My dog bit my mom

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I have a husky, whom I love to pieces, got him with 2 months old, he was the cutest furball, he was never aggressive to us nor anyone really, until my mom came to spend a few weeks and he bit her hand. I was quit shocked mostly because I wasn'texpecting obviously, nor could I understand why he did it. Basically he follows her wherever she goes in the house or in the garden (to the point she stopped watering the plants coz he would go straight for her hand). I have 3 cats, a 5 year old and a 2 month old and he never ever showed any aggressive behavior. I do not know what to do....

He is 1y and 7 months old. He is playful, and plays rough but stops when we say, but not with my 5 year old tho, and he's very protective of me. 

Thing is with my mom, every time she moves in the garden, either is to pick up tomatoes, putting the laundry out to dry or water the plants, he just tries to reach for her hand. He acts like he did nothing but looks at me and knows he did wrong, he knows I'm upset. She had to be taken to the ER to have her hand seen coz he hit a vein and there was just so much blood we all freaked out.... 😔😭


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I am so sorry thing happened - and I cannot even guess as to why he would bite without any reason/provocation.    I have only had one dog that bit me without any sort of provocation  - it turned out he had focal epilepsy  - and when he was going into having a fit he would actively look me out, concentrate totally on my hands  -  and if I didn't realise he was having a fit  - I would get bitten.   However with him he would bite down and not let go  - for anything  - until the fit had passed.     I had two lacerated thumbs, a broken middle finger etc before I could tell when he was goiing to have a seizure.

If he is picking on your mother  -  I would seek out professional help  - a behaviourist -  you have young children  - it is not worth the risk.

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