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2 huskies

MW mom

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Hi I am new to this group but I’ve been reading through the forums and it’s been comforting to know that others are dealing with some of the same…

we recently added a male husky to our family. we have a four-year-old female and now the puppy is 10 months old and it is just feeling out of control. our older dog is excellent well trained never Hass to be supervised or crated maybe digs a hole once a year but otherwise very very good girl and the puppy is off the rails. we are working on training and it is constant work. my biggest problem right now is taking them for walks together.  If I only take one the other one goes nuts, barking, howling, climbing on the furniture, banging on the windows scratching at the doors or in the crate just barking screaming like it’s being tortured!  so I have resorted to taking them both but if we see another dog who is aggressive or if they see an animal before I do they can yank me and they’re very strong and my shoulders and back hurt all day because of this.  I no longer enjoy walking the dogs like I used to take my girl for an hour and a half twice a day and it was just pleasurable now it’s extreme physical labor and stress.


They are also playing a lot more in the garden together and now they’re just so dirty and they bring the dirt into the house and it’s constant wiping mud off the walls-  it really is turning my home until a barn and I’m very anxious here now always wondering if the puppy is doing something bad following him etc.


Please give me any advice or tips or coaching or commiseration thank you

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Commiserations in bucket-loads dear.    We have the same problem,  My older boy Marley is an absolute air-head (totally adorable - except when out on a walk) - but we had a trainer who finally managed to get him under control on a walk  -  Marley is much better with me than hubby - providing we are on our own.    When my old boy, Lunar, went over the bridge, Marley was distraught, so we got him a new husky male to keep him company.   We later deduced, and were then told, that our new lad was severely abused by his previous owner.   Three years down the line and hubby can only just manage to take them both out  (we cannot take only one either).   Marley has reverted to his old ways - and Mikey (the new boy) has copied him.     However hubby has damaged his arm so now the dogs are causing him severe pain.

They have pulled me over on numerous occasions, - and being in my 70's its not much fun I can tell you.  I only ever handle one dog at a time  - but it is not always possible for us to take them together  (i.e.  one each).   It is also only ever Marley I take out  -  Mikey was abused by a female so I don't want to have to correct him to much.

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Oh thank you for this response.  I just feel like I’m failing and I’m trying so hard!  I think it’s a lot to manage two huskies - especially the puppy being 70 pounds already!  But then I see on Instagram one girl and four huskies and I’m like what?!?! How?!!! I think they have help behind the scenes and it’s not all highlight reel it’s real life right?  Ok thank you for sharing and BE SAFE that’s what matters most.  If it’s not too early where they won’t wake entire house and neighbors; I’m gonna split them up on walks!  They can cry about it but better them than me with a broken arm. 

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Hubby takes them for their first walk around 3.30am - 4am ,,,,,,,,,  I am sensibly still in bed !   He does this to avoid other early walkers.   Marley, my older dog,  just wants to meet them and play,  - my later boy .....  well lets just say if they are small dogs,  hubby walks the other way  ......... a meeting would not end well.   I literally have spent hundreds of pounds in trainer fees  ..................... but at the end of the day I cannot control one thing ............ my hubby's refusal to obey the trainer's instructions.

Therefore we both suffer because of his refusal to acknowledge someone else knows more than him  -  not to mention the boys!   

Can I suggest a dog trainer  (not dog walker)  to train YOU to train your dog?

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