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Need tips for potty training Husky pup

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So, my girlfriend and I just got our Husky at 8 weeks old but we are having a hard time training her to potty in the correct places. She uses a pad sometimes in the house for pee and whenever we walk her she’ll pee outside. She rarely poops outside though, as soon as we bring her in the house, she runs to the bedroom and poops. We need some training tips. I know you’re suppose to be praiseful and use treats to get hood graces but that doesn’t seem to work too well most of the time 

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first of all you are doing a good job... 8 weeks is in my opinion to early to be leaving a litter but hey nothing to be done about that now...

but then comes the thing what do you expect from an 8 week old pup  just away from his litter mates mum and you think he is going to do the potty outside straight away...wish that was so it will take time, patience (not available at the supermarket) and training with lots of praise and mishaps...

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What would expect an 8 weeks old human baby to be capable of?    or an 8 month old human baby?     

Personally I would not use puppy pads in the house  -  you will, at a later date, have to teach your poor pup that it is NOT ok to pee in the house - when she has been doing it for months ok.   That is changing the goal posts for a very very young dog, and will lead to confusion for the puppy  -  and irritation for you.

Take her into the garden after every meal, each drink etc  or at least once every half an hour  and wait until she has done the necessary,  praise her,  make sure she understands that she did good.     If you get an accident in the house  (you will get plenty) never make an issue of it  - just clean it up and carry on with the training.

I know it sounds daft  -  but just think how long it took you to understand you should go in the toilet  -  not your pants - or bed  -   the answer is YEARS  -  do you really think a baby dog is that much smarter, or has that much more control than a human?

OK - I know I am not the most tactful person on the planet,  but you are dealing with a baby here,  one that ideally should have been left with its mum & siblings for another 4 weeks  -  you would still have the toilet training to do even then. Three wise words for you:-   patience, patience and for luck, a little bit more patience.

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hi, i have a 10 months old husky pup and he's now fully house broken.  i first brought him home when he was 8 weeks old and i immediately began to crate train him, never letting him poop or pee in the house if possible.  he's only had 2 peeing accidents early on in the house but no poop accidents.  i took him outside on potty breaks every hour per months old.  in other words, when he was 2 months old, i took him outside every 2 hours.  when he was 3 months old, i took him outside every 3 hours, et cetera.  he's now 10 months old but i only need to take him outside about every 4 or 5 hours depending on how much he had consumed during the day.  be sure to reward your pup with a treat or two when they do their business outdoors, it reinforces good behavior.

i made sure my pup ate at the same time every day, once in the morning and once in the "early" evening but gave him fresh water much more frequently.  that way, as he got older i could pretty accurately predict when he needed to go potty. 

i'm no expert but personally i don't think its a good idea to use pads in the house because you don't want your pup to ever think its okay to poop or pee in the house.  when i first brought my pup home and he pee'd in the kitchen twice, i got a bit nervous.  but it never happened again as i crate trained him the rest of way.  it took about 4 months or so before i could let him roam around my kitchen without having any worries that he'd have an accident.

so you've got to be patient, crate train him, keep your pup on the same meal schedule daily, take him outside on a regular basis based on his age, and that's what worked for me.  by the way, during the evening hours i limited/minimize the amount of food and water i gave him so that he wouldn't need to take a potty break late at night, that way he sleeps through the night uninterrupted without a problem...

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