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Hey guys, I'm new member in this forum. I have two huskies. We just moved into a new house. Our dogs had a lot of stress actually. They can't stop barking at our neighbours dogs and no one is happy with this situation. Especially our neighbours, because they have a new born baby. I tried to find a solution for this problem on internet and I found this product: Sonic Egg bark deterrent. It looks like it could help in my situation, but before buying it, I would love to hear what do you guys think about this product? Maybe you used this product? And if not, I would also love to hear your ideas on how I can solve this problem. Thank you!!!

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It sounds like any loud noise will set it off, so if there was fireworks etc going off I think that would set it off, which isn’t very pleasant for the dog. I would try a dog behaviourist first, they will be able to assess your dog properly and give good advice on how to help your dog. Personally I don’t think things like this are very good training tools as although it may stop your dog barking it’s not going to solve them being stressed or any other reason why they are barking

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It can take up to 3 weeks for a dog to adjust to new smells and sounds.

If it was a stressful move and the new  routine was not introduced correctly this is going to be hard on everyone.

Huskies do not do well with change.

Leash walking them in their yard until they settle down works for some.

Put a garden fence about two feet away from the normal fence to keep them off it.

Take them for lots and lots of walks around the neighborhood to get them used to the smells.

 I have the opposite issue. I share a fence line with 4 yards that all have dogs. Mine do not react to the neighbor dogs, but they try to get through the fence at mine. 😖 But mine love to do zoomies and sing at 4 AM. LOL

Most of my neighbors work graves. So no one cares at that time. 

Yelling or punishing them will make it worse.

Do you leave them out while at work or is it just whenever they are out?

Do they do it inside the house?

And I would not add anything new to this situation, it could make the stress worse. Plus, most of the stuff on the market don’t work 

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