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How to cope with separation anxiety in huskies.

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A part solution to the cats vs dog problem would seem to be to never leave food down (something we never do anyway with our cats/dogs - if they fail to eat it after 10 minutes, it's removed) but we've found that it's difficult for Huskies not used to cats (i.e. grown up with them) to totally accept cats. We never mix our cats and dogs, ever, as we wouldn't want even the slightest risk of a disaster (and heard of way too many)

Separation Anxiety in Huskies is no more or less common than in other breeds but unfortunately it's usually displayed by howling and they're often destructive, worse cases over-salivating through stress and ignoring the water bowl - and certainly of the 100s of dogs that I've seen come through the rescue, a good 10-20% display it to a greater or lesser extent, when they first arrive. Easy to spot the difference between SA and attention seeking: SA will continue after you're no longer in sight but stops when you're visible and close, attention seeking (usually whining, sometimes barking) when you're in the same vicinity but are ignoring the dog(s). One of ours had terrible SA when we got him (aged 5) and even now, 7 years on, he still can get a bit SA stressed. And a few years ago we had 2 Bouviers, one of which used to get terrible SA in the early days (barking and destructive), whilst the other was totally unfazed by not having us around - but they both demanded attention if we were!

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