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Hardest profession to enter??


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I have always wanted to study as a nurse. Since little, I have liked helping people and giving them the warmth and the care they need. That's why I did it. I study at a college as a nurse; I'm in my second year at miami.asa.edu. Thankfully, they gave me the support I needed for my first steps because, at the start, I was kinda lost. At some point, we need a little bit of care, too, to then become those who give care. Ironically, that's true. I found out many new things, and I would recommend you all to check this profession if you like working hard and helping people.

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It seems to me that the most challenging profession is that of a doctor. Here you have a lot of responsibility. Yet, sometimes the most valuable thing depends on you - a person's life and health.
Now I'm studying at the faculty of pharmacy at the Islamic University. Here the link
We have professors and doctors who teach here who save lives every day. And I sincerely admire these people. I think they are real superheroes ( not Marvel haha)
Incredibly, there is an opportunity to adapt their knowledge and experience.

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