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Puggle and Cats

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My God, they're all so cute. I also have two dogs and one cat at home. And what I like the most is that they love each other and are friends with each other, which is very rare to see. Although, despite how much they love each other, if I play with a cat or stroke it, the dogs immediately start to get jealous. Probably they also want me to pay attention to them. I remember buying a new Cat Scratching Post for a cat, so the dogs immediately tried to destroy this thing, as if they knew it was for a cat :)

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On 6/27/2018 at 2:45 AM, amyf27 said:


Along with 2 Huskies I have a puggle and two cats.


Sunny puggle is 10 and recovering from surgery. Perry gray and white cat is about 6, Bailey black cat is only a year.f30f53eaf380837d6cb3217a3c9bfaad.jpgd0c55993acf287ff9c9d006aaed6fed5.jpg370dceaba67d067466f5ee6f27ac31d2.jpg


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Balancing the energy levels in a house with Huskies and a recovering Puggle, not to mention two cats, definitely requires a bit of creativity. For the Huskies, consider puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys that keep them mentally stimulated without causing too much commotion around Sunny. Also, regular, separate walks for the Huskies can help burn off some of their boundless energy. For Sunny’s recovery, gentle affection and quiet time are key. And for your peace of mind, staying informed on topics like dog pregnancy https://monocalculator.com/animals/dog-pregnancy-calculator can help you prepare for any future additions or health concerns. It’s all about balancing individual needs with the collective harmony of your pet family

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