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New husky mom frustrated

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I am a new husky mom to a 1-year-old husky I got him 6 months ago . He was being kept in a cage was supposedly not allowed to have the dog so he was not ever trained I have been trying to do my best but he is very very bity very anxious all he does is whine I need help. Also I am disabled I have both mental and physical disabilities the limit my mobility and or how I can do anything 


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Im sorry for your struggle.  Honestly, I commend you for trying but he needs commitment, persistence, time and patience.  He’s only ever known his cage so its going to take a long time for him to feel comfortable out of it and with a new person.  Just be consistent about your routine with him.  Allow him to go in his cage but leave the door open.  And get him out somewhere where he can release the energy he’s been forced to give up. Huskies need ALOT of exercise.  Im out with mine 3x a day.  Dog parks are a gift!  I bet it takes a year before he starts to come to.  If you don’t have the time and dedication because of personal issues, I would consider a rescue and maybe get an older and less energetic dog?  Could he be whining because he’s bored.  If they dont get exercise often, they will become destructive to keep busy.  All my best to you 

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