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Is my 5 year old husky already buddies with my new kitten??


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After tons of research and talking with other husky owners we were told that bringing a new cat into the house with an adult husky is a very bad idea. We did it anyway lol. We've had this little tabby since December and at first kept them completely separated. After one month of this we got our husky a muzzle and let him coexist with the cat under supervision. After one month of that starting in late February we removed the muzzle and to our surprise he was not aggressive with the cat at all. In fact, after 2-3 weeks with no muzzle he doesn't even acknowledge the cat exists half the time. That said - we still do not let them roam together unsupervised. I'm posting some pictures / videos of them hanging out to get you husky behavior experts' opinion on what signals he's giving us. Is he truly good with the cat? Is it trying to trick us and wants to kill it lol? I will say our Husky is extremely well behaved and I run him 20 miles per week so he stays relatively chill at all times. The 2 longer videos were like day 1 or 2 without muzzle. The other shorter video and picture are more recent. Thanks!  


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I have two huskies - and a cat.   One of them grooms the cat - and the cat will groom him  - the other will kill the cat the very first time he can actually reach it.   He knows it,  we know it  - and the cat knows it.    There are two 4ft gates between the would be killer and the cat at all times  -  the other has regular access whenever he wants.   He has lived with the cat for the last 7 years and never a cross look between them.    However I still never leave them unsupervised  - just in case.

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Huskies can injure or kill cats if they are not adequately trained and kept close to each other. Supervising Cats and Huskies when they are together and controlling aggressive behavior as soon as possible is essential.

My husky and cat lived together for a long time but some of my friends said to me that their husky had killed his cat the reasons why huskies killed cat and how to train your huksy to get along with cats are briefly discussed in the website 

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