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Rescue dog who attacks

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We need help. We have an almost 14 year old female husky. Our 12 year old mail husky died about 9 months ago. We adopted a female husky by mix 4 months ago. The meet up between the 2 dogs was fine. I had never heard anything about 2 females being the worst combination. 
the new dog was fine for awhile. Maybe she wanted to play longer and more aggressive than the older dog did. We have lived with huskies for a lot of years. We know husky play. The new dog has attacked the old dog 3  times. The last time she would not let go. My old dog has no fur on the back of her neck and is afraid to come in the house. We have baby gates and closely supervise when they go past each other to go in and out of the house. We love and have always believed dog adoption was a commitment. We have had the humane society behavior therapist to our house. We wanted to make our old dogs life better. She was really grieving.

We know huskies. We are working with her. I don’t want my old dog to spend her last years afraid. Does anyone have some advice. Please, beyond reward her good behavior, ect. We know huskies and there are many wonderful things about new dog and we do love her.

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I am so sorry for your predicament.  It seems as if you are doing everything you can.    If the behavourist cannot sort this out - fast -  then I am afraid I would reluctantly give the new dog back.    As you say you do not want to let your older dog's last remaining time with you to be spent in fear.

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