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Husky pulls to other dogs. How to pass dogs without drama?

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Hi guys. I have a 16 month old female Husky. She is the only dog in the house and when I walk her she goes crazy to meet other dogs.

I can't let her off lead to play because we don't have recall. I don't mind her playing with other dogs but she has to be on lead so it can be a bit of a battle and I want to avoid lead pressure unless its necessary. I'm particularly concerned that she tries to pounce on smaller dogs and if we are passing a small dog in a narrow alleyway its always a struggle. I try to distract her attention but she's not food driven and is laser focused on any dog that comes close.

I have been working with her a lot and trying to build our bond, but when she sees another dog its just a battle.

Any suggestions?

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I am hoping one of the other experienced members will be able to help you  - one of my dogs is exactly the same  - too exuberant and wanting to meet everyone and everything he comes across.    Not a mean hair on him though  - my other is not like that unfortunately  - just the opposite  - he would try and kill any small fluffy thing he comes across - no matter what it was.

We are in Lancashire and I have discovered a 'local'  (about 10 miules away) farm that has 'secure'  fields to let dogs off leash  -  90% is not jusky secure though  - although they have a small field about the same size as my garden and a horse-training barn  (fully enclosed) that I can let them off lead in.    I personally would invest in a good behaviourist/trainer.



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