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Newbieish Husky Owner

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Hello everyone! My name is Nancy.

I am owned by a 14 month old male Husky named Ezra aka Ezzie, ZZ, Fluffbutt and sometimes lovingly....HEY, you idiot!

Ezra and I met in a Walgreen's parking lot where puppies were being sold. I said to myself, "Nancy? Just drive by and DO NOT STOP!  But, I did stop. And there in the corner of the puppy filled crate was a sable and white little guy standing out from the black and whites.  I picked him up, and the rest is history.

He was only 6 weeks old, and later I read he might have been too young to leave Momma.  But, we managed while I became his Mum. Never in my life did I ever THINK about getting a puppy much less a Husky puppy!! My life for 32ish years was Greyhound adoption.  I think, by now, you all are getting the picture! 😄

So, Ezra and I began our journey through puppyhood (oye)  to these present moments of neuter recovery. BTW, he had lovely pompoms.  😉

I am here to learn, learn, learn!!!  Mostly, for now, his shyness and lack of socialization. His "behavior", at the vets, was frowned upon. 🙄


IMG_1295 (1).JPG

IMG_1352 (1).JPG


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Welcome to the forum.     I have a boy that was taken from mum too early  -  estimated to be 5-6 weeks old at the time  -  I got him at 12 weeks and was his 4th owner.    There are certain behaviours associated with this  -  as his mom and siblings did not have time to teach him what is and what is not acceptable behaviour.    Ususally bite inhibition is one of the main giveaways  -  it certainly was in my boy's case.




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