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ADVICE PLEASE! Overwhelmed with addition of new rescue!


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Hello! New to the forum and in need of advice please :)

Back story: my boyfriend has a 5 y/o male, Jack, and we’ve been dating for 3 years. So during that time I’ve got to know Jack and have formed a good bond. He’s a great boy. My boyfriend did all Jack’s training before I arrived in the picture. 
Last week we took in a rescue male. He’s about 10-12 months (we can only guess and mostly likely closer to a year old). We don’t know his back story at all. All we know is he was adopted from the local humane society and shortly after found on the streets by my boyfriend. When the owner took him back, they quickly asked my boyfriend if he would take him. So we did. 
At this point, his training is none lol. We named him Rocko and he’s learning his name slowly. He has no leash manners, no commands, and quite the attitude. We took our time introducing Jack and Rocko and they do well together for the most part. Rocko is not left alone with Jack or alone in the apartment. If neither of us are there, he goes downstairs in the kennel (which he hates).


This is where my dilemma comes in. I’m completely overwhelmed with the behavior issues and his lack of training. My boyfriend is the dominant figure and spearheading the training. We decided to work on no rough housing when he’s not present - I already had an incident between the two where it escalated and got aggressive and honestly scared me. Rocko is very very vocal, which is whatever he’s a husky. BUT he “back talks” me when I try to discipline, in a way that he does not do with my boyfriend. Along with this, I do feel he puts up more of a “fight” with me discipling in general. 
I’m trying to watch videos, read forums, articles, and gather advice because I’m so overwhelmed with his lack of just no training. It’s his world and we’re just in it, when I know the goal is the other way around. 
I’m not a naive dog owner, but this husky situation is way out of my realm. Rocko is a sweet boy, I can tell, and I do want to give this a chance. 

TL;DR: what can I do to help with training and having this 1 y/o rescue respond to my discipline? Thank you!!

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We always take in rescues  -  but I don't feel qualified to answer your dilemma.    Currently I have two huskies - one since a pup  (4th owner) and the other taken in at 3 1/2 y.o.  Both dogs are around 6.5 - 7 .5 years old now.     The 'new' boy was an abuse case  (another woman) and I have had issues with him since day one.

First of all he would not come near me  - then the first time he did and I tried to reassure him  - he bit me.   He still does not know how to 'play' with Marley,  is far too aggressive  so on constant watch whenever I hear them.   Luckily Marley is totally non-reactive and tolerant  - but not submissive -  and I have had to break up a couple of fights when he pushed Marley too far.   Marley has been injured a couple of times  -  Mikey is far bigger and stronger than Marley.   Mikey will kill our cat as soon as he can  -  even the cat knows that  -  so we have gates to the kitchen, hallway, top of the stairs and hubby's office - where the cat's food and litter tray are.  Mikey only has access to the lounge and kitchen  (whole ground floor) our other dog has access to the whole house.

It has been a very long process getting through to Mikey  -  he still flinches sometimes if I put my hand near his head a little quicker than he needs me to move  - he still will not willingly be in the same room as me,  if I go into the lounge and he is on the sofa, he gets up and walks out and stays in the kitchen, When Igo in the kitchen - he goes in the lounge or garden   -  (a girl could get a complex around him).

For the first 18 months I could not disciplin him at all  -  I raised my voice the first time he went for Marley  -  and he stopped immediately,  cowered down initially then raised himself up slightly - then snarled at me.   Its rare for me to be frightened of a dog  - but I was 'extremely concerned' by his reaction.     It took the rescue centre nearly 2 weeks to tell us he was an abuse case.  Once I was aware of the circumstances - I altered my behaviour/reactions accordingly  - and started working on his trust issues  -  he was slow to forgive and trust again   - but we are getting there.   Like most huskies neither dog is fond of being told what to do  -   its better to try and gain their co-operation than obedience  - well it works for us.

You do not know what your dog has experienced in the past before coming to you   -   you are going to need patience .............. lots of it.     Can you alter your mindset?  Rather than try to be 'the boss'  and get him to obey you,  get him to trust you first.   You will get next to nothing from him until he trusts and respects you.   Once you have his trust - then the rest can follow slowly  -  but you must work at his pace .............. not expect him to work at yours, and your expectations.    I thought I would have Mikey sorted in a year  -  its taken 3 but he now accepts females coming into the house, greets them enthusiastically  - although at the vets he is only handled by men  -  and hubby takes him, not me.    I am constantly aware of his complicated personality  - and work around it  -  he will happily accept something one day  - but the next day he will react totally differently to the same condition, and it puts him back weeks.

Patience, Patience, Patience.  Then for a boost - tolerance and even more patience.

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I appreciate this perspective so much! It’s all so new to me so your suggestion of mindset change is great. Looking back, I guess that’s how Jack and I have the bond we have now - time and trust. 
I have been taking time to spend with him just by ourselves, either on a walk or downstairs with some playtime and love. So I’ll definitely use those opportunities to get that trust. 
Thank you again for this feedback and input 

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