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Hi all, I'm melanie I have a 14 month rescue husky shepherd cross ... she is definitely more husky with bright blue eyes, she has a high prey drive and will bolt after anything that moves. We attend training every week and she's beautifully natured in the house but outside she becomes crazy, gets over excited and doesn't listen She therefore can't come off the lead but really needs to run.  Any suggestions on how to calm her down and listen to me when we are out. She is very strong and has pulled me over twice so I often walk her with 2 leads, she pulls on the lead which we are working in at training but she's no pleasure to walk at present she's is on high alert all the time especially if near trees and wooed where squirrels live  

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A6FE2CA4-EC6A-49C7-8ADE-ED3173DAEE58.jpeg.83f662143083fdd0084c68de9219c0a7.jpeg   To   70990443-D7EA-4927-AE51-E117E338A8DE.png.abca2960dac289628a52e280b1792654.png  if you find out how to calm them down and listen 99% of the time please let me know  mine are old now and still have no time for listening and or walking gently and yes will go everything that walk away from them....

i and a lot of people walk the dogs on a walking belt and ever since i have done that walking is a bit easier and they cannot pull me over any more either...

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Hubby has a walking belt  - is over 6ft tall - and has still been pulled over many times by our two  -  I have been pulled over by just one boy  - but I am only 5ft 4".   Welcome to the world of huskies.

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