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Just coming to say HI!!

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Well Hello,

We are new to the page. Ive never joined a forum before so this is really new to me. Anywho, let me introduce ourselves to y'all. My name is Meghean and my beautiful Sib is Sofi. We aren't your typical duo. We love to travel the world together and live full time as Nomads. 

Little info about each of us:

Im a freelance photographer and Marine Veteran. Sofi is a 3yr old Silver/Gray Sib. 

I took over legal custody of her when she was 6 months, from some very evil ppl who wanted to euthanize her for defending herself. And in turn she saved me from my own demons. So in my eyes we are Soulmates. Sorry got a bit deep there, but only so y'all could understand where we came from and why our journey took us on the road.

Anywho we are looking forward to meeting all of the huskies and their parents.

Good Vibes Only,

Meghean & Sofi





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Sofi looks like an angel.  If any dog would settle with a nomadic life  - a husky would  -  (and probably welcome it).   One thing to know about huskies though is that they are not normally recommended off-lead  -  A. because they have the highest prey-drive of any domestic dog,  -  and B.  they are not known for their recall once they reach full adulthood.   Saying that  - there are always exceptions to the rule  ..................... just wish my two were!

Will definitely look forward to your photographs of your travels   - welcome to the forum.

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Thank you. She is definitely a Diva 🤣🥰😊

Actually she has an amazing recall. I have been training her since she was 6 months old... Yes she isn't my first Husky or Northern breed, I'm very aware of the Escape Artist kick they get... It just takes consistency. 

I spent most of my life training gun dogs aka hunting dogs. So when I got my first Northern breed, I realized pretty quickly I needed to change my tactics up... It's just more a work out for her and me.. But we are both really happy 😊 

Note: she stays on leash when we are in tight situations like trails. But open ground or waterbank, she is free to run.

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