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What chews for my heavy chewing puppy?

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My husky puppy (6 months) is a heavy chewer. We have graduated up all sizes of rawhide chews and are at the thick ones that are shaped like bones. But he still goes through one of those a day and my husband says that is too expensive to continue. 

We keep offering him a Nylabone, and so far, he has not been interested in it. We wonder if he doesn't like the way the rubber feels. I took it away for a while and just now, I am trying it again to see if he has any interest now that more teeth are coming in.

Can anyone recommend what chews we should be giving him? Keeping in mind that he is still a puppy and I have seen that not all chews, toys, or bones are recommended for puppies because they are too hard for their teeth.

Thanks all!

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Agree with BB&S  - chuck the rawhide out now.   Not only can it swell in the stomach and intestines, it can cause blockages requiring surgery.   Plus if it is a nice white/cream colour  - it has been bleached - and so is actually toxic for your puppy.    Also you have to be careful of country of origin  -  a LOT of these are made in China.  

This week my friend's dog lost a tooth and broke another four on a Nylabone  - and is booked in next week to have two of the broken teeth removed and two repaired  - looking at around £700-£900 in dental bills.

Please choose a size appropriate RAW bone for your dog  - huskies can cope with  lamb ribs, lamb femurs even a lamb spine and lamb tail  - possibly even a beef rib.  Malamutes can cope with beef ribs, lamb spines, beef necks.        Huskies can also have chicken necks.   If you can get meaty bones, pulling the meat off the bone will also clean between the teeth  - even better than a toothbrush.  It will also slow him down.

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