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Shaving Northern Breed- detailed explanations, please


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Hello All,

 We have owned Northern breeds for around 2 years now and have never shaved them in any way, BUT, I am in search of some answers that I am having trouble locating. 

Since we have had our dogs, we have heard nothing but "no no no shaving under any circumstance", but no one explains why past the one additional sentence that follows (because it helps regulate their body temperature). Does anyone here know the specifics on this? Further information... extensive information on this...? From what I have read, it could effect them primarily in extreme conditions. 

Would love to break down the science on this so I have a better understanding of my dogs body temperature  reacts to certain situation, but most importantly, their overall health and wellbeing. And of course, to satisfy something ive been wondering about for so long!

References and resources welcome!

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I cannot give you a detailed explanation because I am not an expert  - just a husky owner.      You already know about the regulation of body temperature  - surely the most important item in a breed acclimatised for the arctic suddenly finding itself in conditions it should never encounter naturally.    Also, because of where they have lived for thousands of years huskies have very little pigment in their skin and are particularly sensitive to the sun - so a shaved husky has no protection from the sun's rays - and constant exposure can lead to skin cancer.     Especially for those dogs in warmer climate the double coat also helps protect his skin (and therefore him) against bugs and biting insects.

Your dog will shed naturally in warmer weather - this will allow far greater air movement against his skin and cool him naturally  - when he starts shedding just groom him often to ensure all loose hair is fully removed  - his top coat will protect him from the sun's rays, and also provide good air flow over the skin keeping it healthy and himm cooler.

My husky is a wooly and the fur on his rear end and tail can reach 8" in length - a nightmare to groom  -  but in the summer  (current heatwave where I am) he has a fan to help lower the temperature indoors, a shallow pool outside to walk through so he can wet his feet,  he also was bathed yesterday - it usually triggers a massive blow-out of his coat to help him cope with the warmer weather.


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