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Hi new here

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Hi so this is our boy Toby he has just turned 9 months old and is just over 40kg. He is a fun loving character with lots of personality. When we first got him we was told he was husky German Shepard mix but after about 5 months we started to question this due to his size. We know mum is husky shepherd mix and owners of dad claim he full husky but we have never seen dad. We believe now that Toby may be part malamute due to way he looks and size but can not be sure. Out of the his 4 other siblings he is the only that is of his size and has what we think could be malamute features. it has been a great experience been a first time owner of this kind of breed watching him and 1 of his siblings growing up and been nothing but a dream to train and is a very welcomed member of the family. What do guys think part malamute or not?








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Hi and welcome to the forum.    Seeing him with you and against the other dog  (guessing a sibling)?  I would say yes.   However it would be strange that all his siblings are 'normal' sized and only he showed Mal proportions   -  but I am no expert  -  I have only had huskies for 6 years.   Possibly a resessive gene from further back in his lineage?  Its good he is easy to train  -  at that size if he was like one of mine life would be very 'interesting'  to say the least   (one of my boys is a complete airhead).

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Yeah all his siblings are about the size of widow the one in the picture. He the only one with the long thick bushy fur and feather dusty of a tail but maybe like you said it’s a recessive gene. Think we got lucky with Toby he a very chilled and relaxed boy. Don’t think he realises his size sometimes thinking he is a lap dog, oh and like to pinching my cup of tea if it is left unattended 😂 but can honestly say had no bother from him.

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So glad for you - that he such a happy, relaxed,  boy and easily takes direction.   I have fostered a 9 month old Mal in the past   -  my then 3 year old husky barely survived the experience !

Love your gorgeous boy for the magnificent dog he is - YOUR baby.

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