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Run tools like axe, ChromeLens, and Lighthouse during your build processes. Do manual testing with the actual devices that are used by your end-users, and test with real users with access requirements. If you’re a team of one or a few, ensure that you run these tools from MVP to finished product—the errors that are the easiest to catch and fix will mostly be caught by automated tools, and they are a great start for learning more about accessibility. Websites such as  https://mlsdev.com/blog/web-development-companies compile resources, and there are other websites, Slack groups, Twitter accounts, and newsletters that are also incredibly helpful for answering any questions. The automated tools will give you the keywords to search for.

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IT staff augmentation companies play a pivotal role in connecting organizations with the right talent and expertise. Here's how: Talent Sourcing: https://mlsdev.com/services/it-staff-augmentation Staff augmentation firms maintain extensive networks of skilled IT professionals. They leverage this network to find the best match for a client's unique needs. Skill Assessment: IT staff augmentation companies assess and validate the skills and qualifications of the professionals they recommend, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with the client's project.

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