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New Member, needing advice.

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Good Evening, 

I am new to the forum and new to Husky's as well, I have raised Rottweilers most of my life. I searched for the forum this evening, because I am needing advice/help. My wife and I bought me our boy, Bowie the day he became 8 weeks old to have a companion in assisting me in recovering from a brain injury. Having a colleague who owns Husky's to get information from and doing my own research prior we found this beautiful pup for sale on an Amish farm. Fast forward to now, he is 4 months old and is almost to the point of my wife wanting me to find him a new home which I refuse to do.

  • He will not go to the bathroom outside no matter how long we are outside or if he does, he comes right back in the house and pees again.
  • He will not listen to any commands to stop, get down, ect to stop jumping on my daughter or my 2 and 4 year old niece and nephew
  • He will not stop biting, which has resulted in me having to put him out in the back yard when my niece and nephew come over before one gets hurt. Even if I redirect with a toy, he goes right back to them
  • He won't stop biting my wife's 13 year old cat. Sometimes it's playful and we are able to redirect, but yesterday was the final straw for my wife when he drug her through the hallway.

Having to put him outside during the day when the little kids are over or my daughter gets fed up isn't a solution, because I bought him to be an inside dog that I can take for walks with me during my recovery and play with in the back yard in the evening. Doing this makes him even more hyper where when he comes in he will knock everything in his path over. I could really use any help anyone can share, because I know deep down he's a good dog and I don't want to have to rehome him.


-Thank you


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A6FE2CA4-EC6A-49C7-8ADE-ED3173DAEE58.jpeg.83f662143083fdd0084c68de9219c0a7.jpeg   To.  70990443-D7EA-4927-AE51-E117E338A8DE.png.abca2960dac289628a52e280b1792654.png


the cat…well that is a difficult one, the prey drive in huskies is GREAT I would advise you to keep them 2 separated as much as possible there will be 1 day that this might go south in a heartbeat…

Command…list you have a husky with 18 muscles in each ear all designed not to listen…. And they do what they want to do not what you want… sometimes a special treat that they only get for not jumping up will help…


the rest I cannot help you with mine where reassures at over 1 year old and we did not have this to deal with…

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I have only raised one husky pup  (from 12 weeks old)  both mine are rescues - the other I got at 3.5 years old.  When Marley was young he bit everything - basically because he was taken from mum and siblings too early (I was his 4th owner - even at 12 weeks old).   I used to yelp loudly whenever he bit me - whether it was a hard bite or not  - and stopped playing with him (or whatever we had been doing)  - it took him a while but he got the message eventually.    As to the toilet training - constant reminding and repitition, and tons of patience.

I also have a cat ......................... luckily Marley grew up with 2 cats and an older dog (not a husky) who was friends with both cats, so he had a role model.    One cat (the smaller of the two) would tolerate no nonsense from Marley and smartly put him in his place.  Our remaining cat used to go into 'slow-motion' mode when surrounded by dogs so as not to trigger the chase reflex and the two are still good friends   (Marley is now 6.5 y.o.).  However we have 4ft  gates to the kitchen (rarely closed), & just outside the lounge door, - guarding the front door and the stairs (they will escape), another gate at the top of the stairs and yet another one to hubby's office - which also has the cat's food and water.    If our other husky (Mikey) ever gets to our cat - it will be the end of the cat.       Huskies and cats are not good 'bedfellows'   (to be honest, huskies and ANY small furries are not a good idea).

So Mikey (potential cat-killer husky) has access to the lounge, kitchen and back garden,   Marley (husky) gets the run of the whole house if he asks to go by the front door  (to get away from Mikey)  and Socks our cat lives upstairs now - he is very much in his twilight years and suffering from dementia  -  he could easily get between the bars of the gate at the top of the stairs and come downstairs  - but has not even tried for nearly two years.      

If you want to keep your dog - get gates and keep him away from the cat  -  he might think the cat is a moveable toy at present - but unless your cat can fight and 'beat up' your dog to teach him some manners - then the outlook is not hopeful for them getting on.    Huskies have the highest prey-drive of any domesticated dog.

Luckily hubby's office is upstairs so the cat has company for around 6-7 hours during the day  and at night he curls up in bed with me so he is not missing out.




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