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Husky camps future


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As regulars will already know by now, it has come to the point where husky camp is no longer something that we are going to be doing as an official forum thing.

This is something we have thought about, and has honestly been coming for a while. The 2 missed camps through covid, and the removal of main camp by the site we were using, has simply emphasised that fact. This and the fact we are getting to the point numbers are dwindling year on year, we have people who struggle to get about more, dogs who are getting a lot older in some cases, so even the walks at times are becoming more and more an issue. People now have children.

As a history, camp started officially back in 2009 as "Husky holiday". There were only 8 of us at the time, and all in tents in the middle of a field. I will never forget Sarah shouting that day "I am never staying in a f**** tent again" not realising, she was in a tent and everyone laughed as they could hear LOL. It was good fun and escalated from there. We couldn't take Kaiser on much of a walk as he was only little at the time. Now he is an old man LOL

By 2012, we were fund raising and running a competition to bring someone over from overseas to camp. We have brought over someone from the Netherlands, and 2 people from the USA, all through fund raising. At the 2012 camp there were over 100 people. It's the largest we had, and it was great fun. For all who were there, its likely not something they will ever forget. (I certainly won't). Most people were staying in caravans. We had all our own kit on the go, a central location for husky camp, organised walks, competitions, fun awards for camp things, silly games and more. 

So, now we are in 2022. This weekend consisted of 17 people, 15 of which have been for many years. 4 of these are the people who organise camp. It was always going to end at some point, and we feel now is that time.

To me and Sarah personally, this community has been a great part of our lives for a long time. We started this forum because Sarah wanted to meet a couple of people with Huskies. Needless to say, it escalated. Our puppies who we wanted to be able to go on holiday with, are now old. Our family is now bigger. Our own circumstances have changed. We will see people again, no doubt. There are certainly some of you who I know will likely be back up here camping, getting caravans etc, and we will certainly come see people who do. But for us, the time has come to end camp where it began. With a few great friends, who are now lifelong friends.

Thank you to every person who has ever attended a camp. 

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Oh My God Omg GIF

It has been an adventure, 

We will see each other again.

Thank you for creating this wonderful forum and for giving us the chance to meet in person so many incredible people as you say from all over the world.

Gonna miss camp, it's been a part of my family's life for 11 years.

Thanks to all who participated over the years.

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I blundered into to the World of Huskies with Logan. Found the forum and found the family. We would not have the crazy fur balls we have today without you all. Logan (RIP), Lucy, Ares and Khaos have loved every camp. As have we.

Thank you for everything, decorating my caravan, , dressing me in nappies, baywatch suits & mankinis.

Thank you all for being my friends, more like family.

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Hej! It's been absolute ages since I posted something here (although I occasionally logged in here), but I just wanted to post something at least!

I can't believe it's been already this long ago since my camp visits. It was certainly loads of fun, even when I was not a dog owner myself back then. I always kind of hoped that *at some point* I would figure out a way to visit with my dogs but logistically, and time-wise this was never really an option for me, sadly. Even though it's been such a long time ago, I still have great memories of it. I met many fun people, and it certainly helped fueling my interest in huskies even more which eventually brought me all the way north, working and living at a sled dog kennel among many, many huskies.

Thanks for providing the experience!

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Thanks for being part of our Husky family Jos. 

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I am so lucky to be one of the few that was able to make it over to Husky Camp from the US! I will be FOREVER grateful for the time I spent with Sarah, Marc and the whole gang. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I'll never forget.

Thanks to all of you who made it possible back then!! I got engaged on that trip (unfortunately divorced since) and made some lifelong, at least internet friends, that I enjoy seeing on social media. 

I hope everyone is well and the future treats you all with kindness

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