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Husky eye


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Hi Guys I’m quite concerned about my babies eye . This morning it seemed like it was closing and swollen and the pupil is very small . His eye gets cloudy sometimes and I read another girls baby ended up blind … well today it looks like this I’m not sure if it is just junk in his eye I can’t look because he won’t let me and due to winter storm I can’t even get him into the vet 😭… if anyone might know what is going on I would appreciate the help !!!

Here is is eye 


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Thank you! Yes I wish the roads weren’t bad because I want to take him now .. sadly the roads are horrible to drive right now . He has been playful , but more sleepy than normal as well. And I can’t tell if it’s dry eye or something else because I don’t see gunk, but I can’t see his eye because he doesn’t want me to look

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