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Eating Poo

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I rescued a 6 month old puppy last month.  He was malnourished and kept in a crate a lot.  He was not potty trained or neutered.  I just got him neutered and all his shots.  Working on potty training but what I have noticed is when he goes out back with our other dog he eats poop.  How do I stop him from eating poop?  His poop, her poo, deer poop.  I've had 3 other huskies and have never had one eat poop.  

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It is quite noticeable in pups/dogs that have been deprived of nutrition to eat poop  -  especially other species like deer  - there are still nutrients in poop and the dog may well have only had poop to eat for days at a time.   Also some dogs pick up on the mother's instinct to eat the poop of her pups in order to keep the den clean and not attract other carnivores (hereditary trait).   This post may be of help.


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