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Teddy and Josie the Odd couple


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Hello, Meet Teddy and Josie. Teddy is my boyfriends dog. He is 1 year old Husky. and My puppy Josie is Chihiuah and Rhodeisland Ridgeback. My Boyfriend was greeted by Teddy in the his neigborhood running around lose. Mr D was heading to his car to go to work and teddy greeted him. Mr D posted an ad on facebook to the lost and found and to find out his owners lived next door. They at first came and got him. In a few days later on Dec 23rd noticed a husky on the rescue site and to his surprize it was Teddy the family took him in saying that he was found in the neighborhood running loose but really wasnt. I told Mr D go get him. it was densty to meet and be together. SO he did. After a few months. In May 2021 I went to my local mall. Was going just to get my dad out of the house. We was walking thru and the local Sioux Land Human was displaying a adoption day. There was kittys and puppies. 1 puppy got my attn. She was in the arms of this lady. She was small and quite. I asked to hold her and as I was holding her she wrap her paws around me and was holding on so tight. I asked the process and they explained and I filled out the paperwork. I had to wait because since I live in an apartment complex they need to talk to the building manger. So I went back on that follow Tuesday. Since our local shelter is closed on Monday. Got her. As you see below there first day encounters. I personally a new Husky owner I will have some questions. Mr D has owned one pror. We are also on Tik Tok. Please follow Teddy and Josie. 














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