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Husky Puppy Bitting


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I have a husky who is 4 months old. It bites a lot and I can't stop it, I've watched a lot of YT videos about it and there's nothing I can do. I try to distract him with training, but it doesn't work. As I train him to sit, to wait, to turn around, to come, everything is okay. When I stop and sit next to him, he jumps on me and bites my arms, legs ... I've had to throw away three jackets by now. Do you think that after a while the biting will stop or I have to seek professional help from a trainer.

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If he is constantly biting - I would seek help.      He may have been taken away from his mother too young   - between the ages of 6-12 weeks the mother and his siblings teach him a lot about doggie manners   - one of the most important being bite inhibition.      One of my rescue boys was taken too early  (around 5 weeks old I believe)  - and he had a problem with nipping.     I immediately started yelping like another puppy whenever he nipped me, stopping all interaction, separating him from everything for around 5 minutes.      I yelped loudly when he bit hard (high pitch yelp),  less loudly when he just nipped  - but always put him away from the current interaction   (i.e. a puppy pen)  - not total isolation.   I would walk away from him and refuse to play.       It took some time - but he eventually got the message.    Other people have differing strategies, but this worked for my boy.   I believe that if you do nothing it will only escalate.

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