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3 year milestone seizure free


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Today is rescue Siberian husky Marley’s 3 year fit-free milestone  -  20 days before his 7th birthday.  

As some of the long-term members know I am Marley’s 4th owner despite getting him young.    He started epilepsy at 10 months old  - this proved to be only the first of his health problems.    Some of which I have posted about previously – so I won’t go through it all again and bore you.    However his saga of illnesses carry on apace – on top of his severe food allergies, earlier in the year it was discovered he has a faulty gene (hereditary)  – leading to his body to not be able to process fat correctly and deposit fat directly into his eyes.   His beautiful chocolate brown eyes are clouding over and going white in some lights -  although the vet assures me he will not go fully blind  - he will look as though he is.  There is no treatment, nothing I can do apart from keeping the fat levels as low as possible in his diet.

I remain convinced his epilepsy started because of his severe food allergies – and lack of attentive vet care in picking this up early enough – the vet didn’t do testing on him until he went into anaphylactic shock  (I think he was around 3½  at the time).     I was then informed there was not a commercially made dog food on the planet that would not kill him sooner or later.

Marley is allergic to:-  soya, wheat, oats, corn, carrots, peas, rice, potatoes and sugar beet.    Whilst most will make him severely ill first,  - soya will just kill him.    He can have no meat that has been fed any of the above  - meaning lots of meat he cannot eat.   Even as an experienced raw feeder I knew I would struggle to get the right nutrients for him in the required amounts -  so I undertook a raw dog food nutrition qualification (despite being in my 70’s) so that I could properly understand exactly what his body required. 

I refused vet meds for his epilepsy until I had tried cbd oil  - I had been researching it for months – knowing the vet would want him on meds soon  (the fits were getting closer together and he had started clustering).   We are one of the lucky ones in that it worked for him - taking him from 4 fits in 12 days to 108 days  - that’s when I had the luxury of experimenting on my beloved boy  - and found one that suits him perfectly – even though it is not supposed to or even recommended for epilepsy.   

I believe that it is a combination of cbd oil and giving Marley a diet completely free of any of his allergies (as far as I am able), treating him myself for leaky gut, with natural pre-biotics, natural antibiotics that won’t destroy his gut bacteria, digestive enzymes, Ion Gut (made from 60 million year old soil) bovine colostrum etc.    I also know he gets the best diet available for him  - nutritionally complete  and balanced.   All without vet meds  -  (I am not very popular there  ..... they don’t make much money out of me).

Today Marley is as healthy and fit as any 7 year old could be  - despite his problems, and is as happy as any dog could want to be, full of life, fun and mischief -  you are a fighter my little warrior and my soul mate.  

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