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New Husky Owner

Yvonne Yong

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Welcome to you and  Fuji   -  how about some pictures?    We LOVE pictures    - especially puppies !!!     One of my boys is a woolly  -  I love them!     If you have never had a husky before - you are in for a wild ride  - but they are the best dogs on the planet   (providing you dont expect him to obey you).

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Hi! How I dream of husky! But I don't risk taking on such responsibility yet. I understand that I may not be able to cope with this .  But if no one is against it, I'll listen to advice here and admire this handsome dog. I plan to get a dog after I finish my studies at the university and can live alone. But I read a lot about dogs. I found a lot of useful things on https://www.bestpetstips.com/pet-animals/ and that's why I decided that huskies are perfect for me. They are charming and very active. I think huskies will become my best friend on hikes.

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Welcome to the forum.    Whilst I am happy that you recognise some of the qualities of this magnificent dog,   - they are not ideal or recommended for a first-time owner.       I wanted a husky the first time I saw one  (on the tv)  - to me they looked the perfect dog.

However lots of research into the breed characteristics showed that I would not make a good companion  (no-one truly 'owns' a husky)  - as I could not fulfil all the needs of the dog.      I waited almost 30 years before I got my first one   - when I knew I had the time, experience with other breeds/behaviours etc  and that I would be with the dog almost  24/7  and not have to leave him alone for long periods  (huskies do not do well on their own).      

For all their many excellent qualities,  they are not obedient dogs,  - will only do what you want  if  THEY want to, or see something in it for them.    They are highly intelligent,  and will outwit you on numerous occasions, - and as with all intelligent breeds  - they easily get bored  - and a bored husky is something to be feared,    if you do not keep your husky occupied mentally  - he will find something to occupy himself with   - and this very often involves your furniture  (I speak from bitter experience here).   

They can never be let off lead once they reach anywhere near maturity   (not if you want to keep your dog anyway)   To be off-lead they must be in a secure dog park with a minimum of 6ft fencing   -  they are consummate escape artists  - so obviously your own large garden must be equally secure.     They are very opinionated dogs  -  and are not shy about voicing their opinions  - hundreds of internet clips show this side to their nature (and it is not always funny or convenient).     One other thing to bear in mind is that once they reach maturity  - they have the highest prey-drive of any domesticated dog breed  -  so you must be constantly vigilant with other small furries -  birds, squirrels, cats - small dogs  - sometimes their prey-drive kicks in - and it does not always end well for the other animal.  

Having pointed out some of the potential pitfalls of the breed (and nowhere near all of them) -  I would never have any other type of dog again,  my boys are a constant joy, making us laugh every single day, constantly challenging us with their ingenuity, cunning, & mischievousness.    However I fully realize that without that 30 years of experience with many different breeds  (all of them large breeds)  - I would not have coped with my boys,  I would not have been able to fulfil their needs so they could live the sort of life they deserve.

Please - spend another year or so researching the breed and their requirements  - not just physically  - but mentally as well,   ensure you are going to be around for them long enough,  and not have to leave them alone in your house for long periods whilst you are at work.     They may well be the perfect dog for you ............... but ask yourself are you the perfect companion for them - at this stage in your life  and dog/life experience?


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