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healthy doggie 'ice lollies' for the hot weather

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I make bone broth for my two boys on a weekly basis  (I get lamb  ribs - the bone portion of their meals, spines  - you would be amazed at how much meat there is on a lamb spine,  and leg bones - sawn in half for me)   all free, - in exchange for a couple of 600ml  tubs of bone broth.     

Most of the bone broth goes into the freezer for the dogs during the week  -  but I also fill up two ice cube trays with the liquid only - and once frozen empty the trays into a small container -  and doggie bone broth ice lollies are on tap whenever the dogs fancy one.   Not only do the dogs LOVE them,  but bone broth ice lollies also do not set as hard as plain water does – so it is easier to eat for any old dogs.   It also has the advantage of being a healthy treat - containing around 30 of the 43 vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc that are required daily.

A high level treat that will cool them down and provide valuable nutrition  - what's not to like??

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