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Adolescence? More serious problem? Help!


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Hello, my husky is now 1 year and 10 months old. The past 4 months or so her behaviour has changed drastically, she used to run around playing all the time, loved tug of war and running around with her collection of different balls! Now she hardly touches her toys, we try to get her to play everyday with no success, shes also a lot more affectionate and always wants to be right next to you. We’ve had a few people say this is common in dogs around this age and is pretty much like puberty being something they will just grow out of. The behaviour does coincide with us getting another dog also and I thought this could be to blame as shes a female whose quite calm but was always energetic and playful until the behavioural changes but he is a male and is quite a loud and large boisterous dog. The reason being we think its adolescence and not the new dog is because they both get along very well, the only time she really plays now is with him. He can sometimes get a bit much for her but she lets him know as dogs do and they’re fine. I really hope its just adolescence and not something more serious as been quite sad to see her like this as she used to be so playful. She’s been eating normally and acting normally on walks also other than seeming a little bit tense around large groups of dogs. I know shes not coming into season as she had one about 5 months ago and has been acting this way for 4 months now. Please let me know any advice or experience anyone has relevant to this matter!

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13 hours ago, BEWILDERED said:

i thought adolescents was around 12 mnths as they are full grown at 18 months , Misha has some of the symptoms thats yours have but shes 12 months , there people on here with far more knowledge than me 

Skyla was around a year old too , turned into a right terror 

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