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Thank you so much everyone for welcoming me on the forum. 

I don't have any dog yet. But I am planning to own a four leg companion for my family. I have searched and find some of the best dog breeds. But I am also little confuse as I don't own any dog before. Can you please share your experiences? Which will the best from these top dog breeds. I have just found this list on internet, you can also recommend any other dog breed according to your experience, Thank you!!

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I agree with robke  -  huskies are definitely not for the novice owner.   My advice would be either a small dog  - or if you really want a big dog - get a labrador  - you will at least stand a chance of your dog obeying you   - huskies will rarely 'obey'  - they have been bred for thousands of years to use their brains, and develop  'willful disobedience'  - can never be let off lead unless in a really secure play park  (i.e. minimum 6ft fencing)  - are consumate escape artists, will outwit you at every opportunity.   That and if you leave them alone for any length of time  - you will probably come back to destroyed furniture - they don't do well on their own.

You do not say where you are  i.e. country  -  but I would have a look at a local dog rescue, offer to spend some time with the dogs, get to know one,take him/her for walks, feed him/her  - get to know a dog you like  - then get that one.    If you are lucky that dog will be forgiving of any mistakes you make - and will teach you about dogs  - it really is the best way to learn.


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