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10 year old wooly husky here!

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Hi all! We're Anne and Bill and we have a wonderful and quizzical 10 year old wooly Husky named Aru (but she also responds to Fluffy).  Our daughter talked us into buying her and then decided we were much more suited to raising her than she was.  Duh.  So we've had a wonderful 10 years with her so far and actually done pretty well in agility training.  Now she's got some medical issues but we're working through them for a few more years with her.  



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Hello Ann and Bill 🖐️

Welcome to the Group 🐺. Aru is very beautiful and still looking like a pup😁 I've only seen a few of the Woolly Huskies!  I can just imagine all that shedding fur😲. I have a 6 month old male Siberian husky named Blu 🐺 and what a handful he is!  But I wouldn't give him up for anything!  What kind of medical issues does Aru have?  I will pray for her🙏✝️


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1304271740_P1020004(2).thumb.JPG.34a8024a3f8be9ced5c7eb45c5e9a8c5.JPGMarley is coming up for 7 this year  and sends husky hugs to Aru.   Wooly huskies are the best!

Welcome to the forum.    Been battling for this little man since he was 10 months old  -  so can understand.

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